Joe Biden stopped dead in his tracks when this ugly sex scandal was exposed

Photo by The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia

Joe Biden has a serious problem on his hands at the Defense Department.

The truth is now coming out about one disturbing hire.

And Joe Biden stopped dead in his tracks when this ugly sex scandal was exposed.

The Biden Department of Defense hired an outside consultant to work on issues like sexual assault with truly alarming views.

The consultant believes that the sex offender registry list should be abolished and took pride in being called a “sex offender lover.”

The Defense Department Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO) decided to a establish “Restorative Justice Model for the Military Justice System” in 2022, according to records obtained by Fox News.

Restorative justice believes in having the criminal talk to the victim so that they can understand that the crime that they committed was wrong.

This is the latest soft-on-crime fad spreading amongst woke Democrats.

The Biden Defense Department wanted sexual assault victims to talk with their attackers to help them see why what they did was a bad thing.

SAPRO hired Ampersands Restorative Justice (ARJ) in 2023, which bills itself as the “first and only organization to focus exclusively on restorative justice for sexual harms.”

ARJ was paid more than $200,000 to help establish a restorative justice system.

Sex offenders shouldn’t be on a list

ARJ owner Dr. Alissa Ackerman said in a May 2021 online event that the sex offender list should be abolished.

“We should just abolish the registry,” Ackerman said. “We shouldn’t have a registry because… we are putting people on registries for things that the registry was never intended for. But it makes people feel good.”

That would obviously be bad enough, but she kept talking.

She said that people support the sex offender list “because of this belief that people who sexually offend are dangerous.”

“So, how does a registry that tells you, ‘Oh, somebody who committed a sex offense lives within a mile of you,’ how does that do anything to keep you safe?” Ackerman asked. “We have a tendency to monsterize people who have perpetrated harm.”

Labeling people as a sex offender hurts their feelings

Ackerman told The Representation Project during an October 2023 interview that putting sexual predators on a list isolates them.

“These policies further isolate people. They do not rehabilitate, they do not restore – they pull families apart – and they are not necessarily what people who experienced sexual harm want,” Ackerman said.

She added that they might not want to be labeled sex offenders.

“When we label people with things that they might not consent to being labeled, we diminish the humanity, and we diminish their dignity,” Ackerman stated.

Ackerman admitted that she’s been called a “rape apologist” and “sex offender lover” – which does seem rather fitting.

“I fully recognize that this is a controversial and confronting concept to embrace. It makes sense to me why I have been called a sex offender lover and a rape apologist, but I still wholeheartedly believe in the restorative justice process,” Ackerman said at a 2019 Ted Talk.

The Biden regime is wasting taxpayer money on woke extremist theories that are beyond the pale.