Voters in a must-win battleground state gave Joe Biden one message that left him sweating bullets

Photo by RosZie via Pixabay

Like every other Presidential election, the 2024 election will be decided by a handful of battleground states.

The news out of them is increasingly grim for the President.

And voters in a must-win battleground state gave Joe Biden one message that left him sweating bullets.

Wisconsin is expected to be one of the most hotly-contested swing states in the 2024 election.

President Joe Biden narrowly carried the state by roughly 20,000 votes in 2020 after former President Donald Trump won the state by roughly 22,000 votes in 2016.

The national media descended on Wisconsin to get the pulse of voters.

Voters in Wisconsin are unhappy with the state of the country

CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Nancy Cordes traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to talk with voters about the economy.

“When it comes to inflation, how much of it do you attribute to the aftereffects of the pandemic, and how much do you attribute to President Biden’s policies?” Cordes asked.

“It’s been years now since the pandemic. I’m not buying that anymore,” Wisconsin voter Patti Granger said. “At first I did, I’m not buying that anymore, because yogurt is still going up in price. I am not buying that anymore.”

Biden tried to take a victory lap over inflation in his State of the Union Address, but the reality facing the voters who will decide the election isn’t as rosy as he claims.

Grocery prices are up more than 20% since Biden entered the White House in 2021, with the average wage gain not matching the pace of inflation.

Navy Federal Credit Union Economist Robert Frick told Fox Business that Americans won’t see relief any time soon.

“Prices very rarely go back,” Frick said. “It’s going to take two or three years before people feel real relief from the surge in inflation, especially with things like food.”

A recent Fox News poll found that 61% of voters said Biden mostly failed at handling the economy.

Another national media outlet finds Wisconsin voters upset with inflation

The Washington Post interviewed more than 30 voters in the working-class town of Sheboygan, Wisconsin at Piggly Wiggly supermarkets.

In a piece entitled, “In Wisconsin, a vote for Biden or Trump could come down to grocery prices,” the paper found more bad news for Biden.

“When Trump was President, there wasn’t inflation,” Dawn Mohr said. “We could afford food.”

Almost every Wisconsin voter that The Post interviewed said that the high price of food is a major financial obstacle.

The weekly trip to the grocery store is a painful reminder of the inflation that took off during Biden’s Presidency.

Michigan State University Food Economist David Ortega told the Washington Post those expensive trips to the grocery store are driving voters’ perceptions of inflation.

“Groceries play a significant factor in people’s perception of inflation,” Ortega said. “We go to the grocery store every week, sometimes more frequently, and we feel those price increases every time.”

Lois Garcia, who voted for Biden in 2020, said she was seriously considering switching to Trump because of high food prices.

The soaring cost of living could cost Joe Biden a second term in the White House.