This GOP Congressman left everyone stunned by what he said about Joe Biden on the House floor

Joe Biden continues to fail as President, and Americans are making their disapproval of him very known.

The White House attempts to spin the news and act as if everything is on the up and up, but the American people know better.

And this GOP Congressman left everyone stunned by what he said about Joe Biden on the House floor.

“Let’s Go, Brandon” chants are sweeping the nation.

The chant has become a social media trend and is being seen at sporting events, airports, and rallies across the country.

The chant started as a profane anti-Biden chant at college football games but it soared to a new level when NBC reporter Kelli Stavast interviewed NASCAR driver Brandon Brown after his victory in Talladega.

During Brown’s interview, fans could be heard chanting “F— Joe Biden” and in an attempt to steer the attention away from the chant, NBC’s Stavast stated that she thought the crowd was saying “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

Viewers knew exactly what the crowd was chanting and that NBC was attempting to cover it up and so grew the “Let’s Go, Brandon” phenomenon that is taking the country by storm.

“Let’s Go, Brandon” has become synonymous with the profane anti-Biden chant that was previously sweeping college stadiums.

It has gone viral on the Internet, can be found on t-shirts and sweatshirts alike and is being shouted at events across the country.

A video from the Chicago airport shows a passenger tricking an airline worker into saying the phrase “Let’s Go, Brandon” through the paging system.

While the White House contends they do not know what the saying means, most every American knows exactly what it stands for and it continues to grow in popularity.

Now even elected officials are getting in on the fun.

Congressman Jeff Duncan, a Republican from South Carolina, recently walked off the House floor donning a face mask that read “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

The Twitter-sphere of course went nuts with many applauding the Congressman’s move.

However, Biden supporters, not surprisingly, feigned outrage at the Congressman’s actions.

One user tweeted, “The kind of serious legislator you find in a serious country.”

The Left is terrified of losing the upcoming midterm elections in 2022 and with phrases like “Let’s Go, Brandon!” sweeping the nation they should be nervous.

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