The House Freedom Caucus is demanding Kevin McCarthy do his job and here’s why

As the world remains fixated on the dire situation in Afghanistan, the United States Congress is still working to get bills passed.

Not surprisingly Nancy Pelosi seems to be trying to get things rammed through quickly as everyone’s attention is on foreign policy issues and not her radical agenda.

Now the House Freedom Caucus is demanding Kevin McCarthy do his job and here’s why.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is facing pressure from hard-line conservative Republicans to whip votes against the astronomical $1.2 trillion “bipartisan” infrastructure plan.

Many believe this will be a key test for McCarthy.

It’s no secret Kevin McCarthy desires to be Speaker of the House if the Republicans win back control of Congress in the 2022 midterm elections, so this could very well show the GOP how serious he is about leading.

“It’s absolutely absurd that 19 Senate Republicans vote along with Democrats to advance a $1.2 trillion bill,” said Texas Representative Chip Roy.

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has indicated electoral threats from the Right could be on the horizon for those in the Republican Party who vote for the bloated Biden Bailout Bill.

“Any Republican that participates in it should be shamed and should never be voted for again,” Greene said.

Another member of the Georgia contingency, Representative Andrew Clyde, stated that only “socialists” or “communists” would vote for either bill.

McCarthy has stated that he has “great frustration with this bill” and that Republicans need to vote against the infrastructure bill if it’s tied to the budget reconciliation plan.

However, McCarthy has not organized his caucus against it.

When asked if he would indeed whip votes against the bill McCarthy stated, “I don’t think the infrastructure bill should come up.”

McCarthy is in a difficult spot.

The centrist Republicans support the bill and McCarthy certainly doesn’t want to endanger members who are facing tough elections.

Of course, McCarthy’s counterpart in the Senate, Mitch McConnell totally sold out and voted in favor of the “bipartisan” bill.

Once again, the GOP appears weak and most know that even if they do take back control in 2022 it’s highly unlikely they’ll fix anything or clean up any of the mess the Democrats made.

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