Ron DeSantis left jaws on the floor after he made this shocking statement

Ron DeSantis is the most innovative conservative elected official in America today.

He’s pushed for big, bold conservative changes since taking office.

And Ron DeSantis left jaws on the floor after he made this shocking statement.

President Joe Biden’s lawless regime created the worst border crisis in American history.

A literal invasion is occurring at the southern border while President Biden and his lackeys turn a blind eye.

Republican-led states have been left to try and deal with the damage from Biden’s open borders agenda.

Governor Ron DeSantis is a leader in aggressively fighting back to contain the damage caused to Florida by Biden’s southern border crisis.

At a press conference in Fort Walton Beach, DeSantis staked out a shocking stance on border security that border states should be taking.

Texas has been ground zero for the southern border crisis as illegal aliens flood into the state.

The state’s Republican Governor, Greg Abbott, launched an unprecedented state-level response to combat the Biden border crisis.

Governor Abbott has directed the Texas National Guard and state law enforcement to help secure the border in an effort dubbed Operation Lone Star.

While Operation Lone Star is catching illegal aliens that make their way into Texas, they’re being turned over to federal authorities.

And the Biden regime is ordering most of these captured illegal aliens to be released into the United States.

But Governor DeSantis has staked out the bold position of saying that Texas should refuse to hand the illegal aliens they capture inside the state over to federal authorities, and should instead simply deport them. 

“What Texas needs to do is just send [illegal aliens] back across the border,” Governor DeSantis said. “Who cares what the Feds are saying. They aren’t doing their job.”

“Texas shouldn’t let them come across the border to begin with,” he continued. “They just walk right across the river. No one is stopping them.”

Texas has avoided stopping illegal aliens at the border from entering the state, and have instead waited for them to move into the state before apprehending them. 

This is a position that conservatives have been fighting for in Texas for years, but so far, Governor Abbott has resisted making this clearly needed move.

State officials deporting illegal aliens and preventing them from entering their state would be the boldest move yet to combat illegal immigration by a Governor – or any politician for that matter.

Governor DeSantis’ statement comes almost a year after he visited Texas to see the crisis at the southern border firsthand, and considered sending Florida law enforcement to participate in Operation Lone Star.

But after seeing how Texas was handling the situation, he decided to keep them in Florida.

DeSantis said Texas would “let them come across and released them to the Feds and then the Feds just release them anyways.”

“Some push back would be good,” he added. “And I would send people to help with that if that is what was done and it was really making a difference.”

“But to just stop somebody, hand off to Border Patrol and then the Border Patrol releases them, I’d much rather have our folks here to protect Floridians,” DeSantis explained.

By supporting unprecedented aggressive state action against illegal immigration Ron DeSantis showed why he’s become one of the most popular conservative politicians. 

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