Ron DeSantis just made an announcement that caused Democrats to lose their minds

Ron DeSantis has made his mark as a no-holds-barred conservative fighter.

He joined President Trump as a top target of the corporate-controlled media’s outrage machine.

And DeSantis just made an announcement that caused Democrats to lose their minds. 

Ron DeSantis has risen up the ranks to be a top future Republican Presidential contender.

Defying the left-wing narrative on COVID-19, he successfully guided Florida through the pandemic.

He stood up for his pandemic response by punching back at the fake news thrown at him by the Left and their allies in the corporate-controlled media.

Columbus Day has been for most of its history an uncontroversial federal holiday. 

As the woke Left declared war on American history, they’ve put Christopher Columbus in their crosshairs.

Instead of being a brave Italian explorer who discovered the New World, he’s been turned into a caricature of every bad leftist catchphrase from “colonizer” to being accused of “committing mass genocide.”

To try to erase Columbus Day, the Left, including the Biden regime, has tried to call the holiday “Indigenous People’s Day.”

But DeSantis made a proclamation honoring Christopher Columbus and his holiday that made the Left go berserk. 

He praised Columbus for his effort in discovering the New World, which ultimately led to the settlement of the Western Hemisphere and the foundation of America. 

Leftists got a reality check when he said that trying to erase Columbus Day was an attempt to portray America and its history as a force for evil instead of good. 

He then noted that Columbus Day has been a national holiday since 1892 and that until recently it was a unifying day for all Americans.

Predictably, the left-wing mob on Twitter went into a rage attacking for his common sense defense of Columbus.

Defending Columbus is an example of what has made DeSantis a Republican Presidential contender. 

Standing up for America’s history and values in the face of the Left’s relentless attempts to transform the country while some Republicans have cowered in these fights has sent his star rising.

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