Mitt Romney just learned the shocking news that will end his career in politics

There isn’t a RINO in the country that conservatives hate more than Utah Senator Mitt Romney.

Romney is the godfather of the Never-Trump movement.

But now, Mitt Romney just learned the shocking news that will end his career in politics.

Mitt Romney’s been a disaster in the Senate.

Romney voted to convict President Trump in both of Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment hoaxes.

Romney also votes for virtually all of Joe Biden’s agenda and radical socialist nominees.

Now, Republicans in Utah are ready to send Romney packing in a 2024 primary.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes is preparing a 2024 primary challenge to get rid of Romney on behalf of conservatives everywhere.

“Sean is very seriously considering running, regardless if Mitt runs or not,” a source close to Reyes told POLITICO. “He’s confident that regardless of what Sen. Romney wants to do, he’s going to pursue this.”

Utah Republican Party chairman Carson Jorgensen guaranteed Donald Trump would recruit a candidate to run against the traitor that voted to convict him twice in impeachment trial.

“I guarantee Trump will come up with somebody,” Jorgensen also told POLITICO. “There’s enough vitriol there that no matter if Trump is running for president, he will run a candidate against Romney.”

Trump’s been actively recruiting Reyes – who endorsed Trump and spoke at the 2020 Republican National Convention – for months.

“When he meets with Trump, the only thing that comes up is ‘Will you run against Romney? I need you to run against Romney. Get that guy out,’” the source close to Reyes told POLITICO about Trump’s recruitment efforts.

Reyes primarying Romney would set up a clear test between the Trump wing of the GOP and the establishment RINO faction.

But the matchup may not come to pass.

Romney has yet to commit to running for re-election.

“That isn’t something I’m prepared to decide yet or communicate,” Romney stated.” But were I to decide to run again, the best news I could get would be that Sean Reyes was my opponent.”

If Romney decided to run and face off against Attorney General Reyes, Utah Republican strategist Mike Deaver explained to POLITICO that Reyes is well positioned to put together the type of coalition that can defeat Romney.

“There would be no one else better in the state of Utah for a Trump endorsement, and Sean would certainly pick up other endorsements besides Trump,” Deaver explained. “And that’s kind of his appeal too – he’s so willing to work across the aisles and has relationships in D.C. He has done so many things that originate from Utah that have national consequences.”

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