Kamala Harris is making enemies with her lack of respect for the military

The American people haven’t been seeing too much of Vice President Kamala Harris.

But she still seems to cause a stir even with very minimal public appearances.

And now Kamala Harris is making enemies with her lack of respect for the military.

Those in charge at the Pentagon and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff acted like the last day of school was approaching toward the end of Trump’s term and refused to listen to him.

Mark Esper, Trump’s Secretary of Defense, continuously battled Donald Trump on several fronts, most notably when it came to Trump’s push back last summer on Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots, as well as decreasing the number of soldiers in Afghanistan.

Then Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, came out and made a public apology after taking a photo with Donald Trump at St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C. after rioters attempted to burn it to the ground.

Now with Joe Biden as President, these same leading figures seem to think they are serving Biden himself and not the nation they should be working to protect.

Just weeks ago, officers and verified social media figures from the military attacked Tucker Carlson.

The Pentagon really had no reason to interfere, but evidently, they felt like they needed to come to the Biden administration’s rescue.

Anyone would expect a leading authority figure to show respect for the military that protects them.

Joe Biden and Mike Pence both returned the salutes of the honor guard when boarding Air Force Two while they served as Vice President.

However, Kamala Harris could care less.

Now conservatives cannot remain quiet about her blatant lack of respect and many have taken to social media to call her out.

If anyone in Trump’s administration had shown this amount of disrespect, the liberal media fiends would have had a field day.

But they are coming to her defense.

Former CNN contributor and Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby stated in the past that Harris “has made very clear her respect and admiration” for the military.

Kirby further went on to say that “There is no overarching instruction or regulation that requires the President or Vice President to return hand salutes from members of the Armed Forces.”

The military can’t seem to get the respect they deserve from the Left.

And it can only get worse from here.

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