Joe Biden’s frequent flights from Washington, D.C. to his Delaware home have cost taxpayers dearly

Delaware is just over 2 hours from Washington, D.C.

Even less if you are in a Presidential motorcade and can avoid traffic and speed limits.

But Joe Biden’s frequent flights to his Delaware home have cost American taxpayers dearly.

The Department of Defense comptroller’s documents show the Marine One helicopters used by the President cost between $17,065 and $20,206 per hour. 

Air Force One’s operational costs are $177,843 per hour.

That hasn’t stopped President Joe Biden from using both very freely, even for relatively short trips to his home in Delaware.

The trip to Delaware via Air Force One takes roughly 30 minutes, according to the President’s schedule. 

The helicopter trip between the White House and Delaware takes roughly an hour, according to the same schedule.

And to drive the same distance would take just over 2 hours (even less if you are the President).

But it should come as no surprise that President Biden doesn’t care about the cost to the taxpayer, or obviously the environment, since he has taken over 100 flights between Delaware and the White House since taking office, according to Secret Service and other government records.

Biden’s regular flights to his home state have cost taxpayers at least $11 million in the less than two years since the start of his Presidency, according to a Fox News analysis.

So far, President Biden has made 57 roundtrips to Delaware for a total of 185 days, or roughly a quarter of the total time he’s been in office, according to data from former CBS correspondent Mark Knoller. 

Each of the trips taken by Biden require taxpayer dollars to pay for all costs associated with the use of either Air Force One or Marine One – not to mention the cost of security, Secret Service, and other personnel.

Of the 101 flights between the White House or Andrews Air Force Base and Delaware, 71 flights were on Marine One and 30 were on Air Force One, according to Knoller.

The $11 million estimated price tag for President Biden’s frequent Delaware trips is, of course, a huge underestimate as it does not include many other miscellaneous costs.

Some of these costs are the additional helicopters that travel with him, travel to and from military airports for the President and his staff, and accommodations for the untold number of staff members who accompany him on vacation.

As a U.S. Senator, Biden famously took Amtrak to and from Delaware at a cost of roughly $100 per trip in today’s dollars.

But now, as President, Biden’s habit of spending as much time in Delaware as possible is costing taxpayers more than $200,000 per trip.

And he’s doing it all in spite of the fact that Joe Biden and Democrats accused then-President Donald Trump of spending too much time in New Jersey or Florida.

But for Democrats, hypocrisy knows no bounds.

As it turns out, President Trump traveled far less for personal reasons than Biden, and Trump donated his entire salary and more to the U.S. Treasury.

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