Joe Biden was seething with rage when he heard about this White House leak

The White House is in crisis mode from Joe Biden’s classified document scandal.

It’s throwing a monkey wrench in one major plan.

And Joe Biden was seething with rage when he heard about this White House leak.

President Joe Biden was riding the momentum from Democrats’ better-than-expected performance in the Midterm elections.

The corporate-controlled media pushed the narrative that the Biden Presidency was on the rebound.

Everything came crashing down for the beleaguered President when it was revealed that he stole classified documents from his time as Vice President.

Suddenly, the White House was engulfed in the biggest scandal of Biden’s Presidency.

After railing against former President Donald Trump for allegedly taking classified documents, the tables were turned on Biden.

The scandal is throwing a monkey wrench in President Biden’s reported plans.

White House sources told CNN that Biden is fuming that the classified document scandal is derailing his “positive momentum.”

CNN reported that anonymous White House aides say that the scandal “will present a challenge” in the announcement of Biden’s re-election campaign, which was reportedly being planned for the first week in February.

Questions have lingered about President Biden’s ability to seek a second term because of age and clear mental decline.

A disastrous start to his Presidency had Democrats ready to pull the plug on him for 2024.

Rumblings about replacing him at the top of the ticket were growing before the Midterm elections solidified his support in the Party.

“Behind the scenes, sources said Biden’s grown frustrated at how the saga has played out, particularly the way his administration’s handling of the story has overtaken what had been a positive stretch,” CNN reported. “People close to the White House say there is currently a mood of quiet resignation among Biden aides — an ‘It is what it is’ mentality — as they, too, wait to learn if news of more misplaced classified documents will surface in the coming days.”

The classified document scandal could once again raise doubts among Democrats about whether Biden should seek a second term.

The appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate the classified document scandal is more bad news for the President’s re-election launch, according to a Democrat strategist.

“It’s never good when there’s a special prosecutor appointed,” the strategist told Fox News. “It’s definitely not a place I’d want to be in as we try to put the pieces together of a re-election campaign.”

David Axelrod, an advisor to former President Barack Obama, said Biden’s scandal was a gift to Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign.

“It basically… is a huge gift to Trump,” Axelrod said.

He pointed out that the ordeal was embarrassing for Biden after he constantly attacked Trump for allegedly keeping classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Joe Biden’s classified document scandal could derail his attempt to win a second term as President. 

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