Joe Biden just got caught red-handed lying after this news broke from a surprising source

Joe Biden is a historic failure.

Even the corporate-controlled media can’t cover up all of his lies anymore.

Now he was caught red-handed lying after this news broke from a surprising source.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan has been marked with constant blunders and lies from the Biden regime.

It’s been breathtaking incompetence from a man who ran on his years of experience.

Now a transcript of a phone call between Biden and former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani from July has been released by the Associated Press.

And he has been caught red-handed lying.

In the call, Biden said the perception around the world and in Afghanistan is that the fight against the Taliban wasn’t going well.

Biden followed that up by saying, “And there is a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture”.

This call from July directly contradicts what the Biden regime was saying publicly about the withdrawal.

For months, Biden had said that everything would go smoothly.

Two weeks before the call, he said the situation wouldn’t be another Saigon.

To deflect from his mismanagement of the situation, he repeatedly claimed that no one could know the Afghan army would collapse so quickly.

Biden was clearly lying to the public about how bad the situation was in Afghanistan.

Despite privately knowing how dire the situation was, it appears nothing was done to change course on the withdrawal plan.

The regime left hundreds of Americans behind and let billions of dollars’ worth of weapons fall into Taliban hands.

President Trump’s first sham impeachment was over a leaked call with the Ukrainian President.

Now this call and the Afghanistan debacle could give grounds for Republicans to move forward with impeachment of Biden.

With Biden’s false narrative about the withdrawal going up in flames, more transcripts and leaks from the regime could come as insiders try to distance themselves from the historic debacle.

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