Joe Biden is worried sick over what one New York Times reporter just admitted about Hunter Biden

The walls are closing in on Hunter Biden.

Even the left-wing press is starting to discuss the contents of the “laptop from hell.”

And now Joe Biden is worried sick over what one New York Times reporter just admitted about Hunter Biden.

President Joe Biden has repeatedly denied ever discussing his son, Hunter’s, foreign business dealings with him.

However, emails, text messages, and voicemails found on the infamous “laptop from hell” prove President Biden is once again lying to the American people.

The reality is that Joe Biden did more than discuss business with Hunter.

He allowed Hunter to use his name and position as the then-Vice President for leverage.

The corporate-controlled press spent the past two years furiously working to keep Americans in the dark about Hunter Biden’s laptop, claiming that it was merely “Russian disinformation.”

But with President Biden’s approval ratings in the tank, the corporate-controlled press is starting to report more and more about Hunter’s laptop and his shady business dealings.

On Friday, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to discuss Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings.

“In your view, would you say there’s been a reluctance for major media outlets to pursue that story and is that OK, do you think?” host Joe Kernen began. 

“Do you feel it’s important that we follow the evidence here to see where it all leads, whether the President’s son benefitted from influence peddling or whether even the President himself may have benefitted, President Biden himself, from influence peddling?” Kernen continued. “Is it a story?”

“Absolutely,” Friedman immediately fired back.

Friedman then surprisingly admitted that The New York Times originally failed to pursue the Hunter Biden scandal.

However, moving forward, Friedman said The Times will “pursue” the details about Hunter Biden’s laptop to its “innermost parts.”

“I know The New York Times felt it didn’t pursue it originally as much as it wanted to – then it followed up, as I recall,” Friedman continued, adding that he is “all for getting to the truth wherever it leads.”

“I’m not an expert on the story, but, yeah, I’m all for getting to the truth wherever it leads,” he concluded.

Hunter Biden’s scandals and shady business dealings are not going away for Joe Biden.

If Republicans take back control of Congress after November’s Midterms, many Congressional leaders have already promised to fully investigate Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.”

The extent of President Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s overseas business dealings will eventually be made public.

Democrats know this is true.

And that is why more and more Democrats believe Joe Biden should step aside in 2024 and allow another candidate to run for President. 

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