Joe Biden is panicking after this green scheme was exposed

Joe Biden can help out his politically-connected friends now that he’s in the White House.

Shady deals are a Biden family tradition.

And he’s panicking after this green scheme was exposed.

With Joe Biden in the White House and Democrats in control of Congress, green energy boondoggles are back in a major way.

Democrats love shoveling taxpayer money at these wasteful projects all in the name of pushing their looney environmentalism.

When Biden served as Vice President the country footed the bill for failed schemes like Solyndra that left connected insiders enriched.

Now he’s been caught red-handed shoveling taxpayer dollars to one of his major donors for another green energy deal.

Lukas Walton, a billionaire Walmart heir and major Biden donor, scored a $500 million dollar loan for his company First Solar.

Walton gave Biden’s Presidential campaign over $300,000 and donated $100,000 plus to the Democratic National Committee.

The United States International Development Finance Corporation (USIDFC) gave out the loan to build solar cells in India.

The loan, which is the “largest single debt financing transaction” in USIDFC history, is allegedly about diversifying the solar supply chain away from China.

The deal appears to be suspicious on several levels.

First, Solar settled a lawsuit last year in the United Kingdom for $350 million dollars, which claimed the company inflated its stock price and misrepresented its finances to investors.

A politically-connected company getting a massive loan has drawn the scrutiny of government watchdogs.

Tom Anderson with National Legal and Policy Center told the Washington Free Beacon, “This agency has a history of favoring entities backed by huge political contributors, like First Solar, by giving them less scrutiny while prioritizing politically connected projects above entities and individuals who are not politically active.”

The USIDFC was previously in hot water for giving a $10 million dollar loan to a Hillary Clinton donor while she was Secretary of State to build housing in Haiti.

The donor stole the money and was later arrested for fraud.

Republican Congressmen James Comer and Ralph Norman on the House Oversight Committee are looking into the deal.

The legislators have requested records from the USIDFC about the deal to see if political connections played any role in the loan.

This First Solar deal is just the latest suspicious green energy scheme involving the Biden regime.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm promoted an electric bus company in an official capacity while she held stock in it and served on the board.

With Republicans expected to take control of Congress after the midterm elections, deals like First Solar will be ripe for investigation. 

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