Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won’t be happy about the prediction Bill Clinton’s former top adviser made about 2024

Joe Biden claims he is running for re-election in 2024.

Kamala Harris believes she is next in line if Biden decides to step aside.

That’s why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won’t be happy about the prediction Bill Clinton’s former top adviser just made about 2024.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are at all-time lows, making him the most unpopular President in American history.

Biden’s dismal poll numbers, combined with his advanced age and severely declining cognitive abilities, have more and more Democrats publicly talking about replacing him with someone else in 2024.

As Vice President, Kamala Harris believes she is next in line behind President Biden.

But Vice President Harris’ approval ratings are also in the tank.

Since Harris is the least popular Vice President over the past 50 years, Democrats are obviously looking to find anyone other than her to replace Biden in 2024.

On Tuesday, Dick Morris, a former top adviser to Bill Clinton, discussed the 2024 Presidential race during an interview with Newsmax TV’s National Report.

Newsmax host Shaun Kraisman started the interview by directly asking Morris, “will Trump run for President in 2024?”

“Yes, and he’ll be the Republican nominee,” Morris quickly responded.

“He will probably get it by acclamation,” he continued, before adding, “I don’t think there’ll be a primary – he will win the election.”

Dick Morris predicting that former President Donald Trump will once again run for President and be the Republican nominee is not surprising – that’s conventional wisdom.

The most surprising part of the interview came when Morris made his prediction for Democrats’ ticket in 2024.

After declaring that President Trump will be the Republican nominee, Morris shockingly said, “and his opponent is going to be Hillary Clinton.”

Morris then explained his reasoning, which is essentially the same conclusion every other Democrat is coming to – Joe Biden is too old and Kamala Harris is too unpopular.

“Let me explain that,” Morris said. “Already the Democrats are pressuring [Biden] not to run because they see what a disaster he would be.”

“And Harris is no better,” he added.

Kraisman then listed off possible alternatives, such as California Governor Gavin Newsom, Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and Colorado Governor Jared Polis.

Morris believes what will “trigger” former First Lady Hillary Clinton to enter the race is that “the Left is going to have their candidates, and they’ll probably run [socialist Senator Bernie] Sanders or maybe [socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez], and that will trigger Hillary into the race in order to save the Democratic Party from the Left re-running the Hillary-Sanders race of ‘16.” 

The final conclusion Morris made is one that will terrify Democrats and the Fake News Media.

Morris predicted Donald Trump would ultimately defeat Hillary Clinton once again in November of 2024.

“I think Hillary and Trump will face off, and I think Trump is going to win handily,” Morris concluded.

Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton in 2024 would be a nightmare come true for Democrats – not to mention the final nail in the coffin of Hillary Clinton’s sanity.

But it’s a prediction Bill Clinton’s former top adviser believes will come true in just two years.

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