Gun sales are surging and Democrats are furious

The Second Amendment is once again in the crosshairs of the radical Left.

Democrats are trying everything they can to restrict law-abiding citizens from owning firearms.

And now gun sales are skyrocketing and Democrats are furious.

Despite a coordinated effort by the liberal establishment and so-called “mainstream” media to scare Americans into unconstitutional gun control, Americans are buying guns like never before.

According to The New York Times, gun sales typically spike during election years and after high-profile crimes, but Americans “have been on an unusual, prolonged buying spree fueled by the Coronavirus pandemic, the protests last summer, and the fears they both stoked.”

Even though liberal media outlets have been working overtime to label the Black Lives Matter protests from last summer as “peaceful demonstrations,” most Americans are smart enough to realize the violent riots could be a precursor to more political unrest to come from far-left extremists.

Just this past spring, 1.2 million background checks were performed, which broke the all-time record for gun-related background checks in one quarter.

This influx of Americans exercising their Second Amendment right is infuriating top Democrats.

Recently, President Biden’s nominee for ATF Director David Chipman went on the record saying he supported a ban on all semi-automatic assault rifles, including the AR-15, which is the most popular gun in America.

And, back in April, Biden introduced six executive actions aimed at “curbing gun violence.”

The inconvenient truth Democrats don’t want to discuss is the fact that the most violent cities in America typically have the strictest gun laws in the nation. 

Portland, Oregon, for instance, is reporting a 700% increase in violent crime this year alone. 

These statistics seem to support the notion that no matter how many laws are made to keep people from possessing guns, criminals are still going to find a way to get them to enable their criminal activity.

These stricter gun control initiatives would do nothing but endanger law-abiding gun owners who want to be able to protect themselves from criminals and deranged individuals.

But that might be exactly what the Left wants.

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