Democrats were seething with rage after Ron DeSantis made this epic move

Ron DeSantis gets under the skin of the Left like no other conservative since Donald Trump.

He’s an expert at jabbing back at their attacks.

And Democrats were seething with rage after he made this epic move.

Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 broke the minds of Democrats across the country.

The Left turned up their usual virtue signaling to the highest setting in response to his Presidency.

Democrats began going out of their way to constantly signal their opposition to Trump and support for the latest left-wing fad.

Political yard signs previously had been confined to around election time. 

But with Trump in office, Democrats had to virtue signal 24/7 their opposition to the orange man.

Yard signs popped up in neighborhoods around the country with sad slogans like “Hate has no home here.”

The most popular way to signal to the neighborhood braindead leftism is the “In this house we believe” sign.

“In this house, we believe: Black Lives Matter, women’s rights are human rights, no human is illegal, science is real, love is love, kindness is everything,” the sign reads.

This sign took neighborhoods around the country by storm as eager leftists desperately wanted to show their support for the latest left-wing lunacy.

It became a near religious totem for the Left.

Last year, far-left New York Times columnist Amanda Hess commented on the sign.

“When the yard sign first appeared, in the wake of the 2016 election, I barely noticed it. […] But over the past five years, as the sign spread across the suburbs, I found myself seduced by its chaotic jumble of typefaces, its lifestyle-blog-adjacent aesthetic, its sanctimonious final line, and its curious staying power,” Hess explained.

Mashable described it “the most enduring symbol of anti-Trump resistance,” and “more bold and memorable than anything the Democratic party has come up with in the last four years.”

Now, Ron DeSantis has come out with his own version of the sign that turns the tables on the Left.

A new online video from his reelection campaign shows a young woman rolling her eyes after noticing her left-wing neighbor’s “In this house we believe” sign.

In response, she puts the DeSantis version of the sign in her yard.

The sign reads: “In this house, we: Believe parents know best, back the blue, tell Dr. Fauci to pound sand, value our freedom and liberty, love our governor, Ron DeSantis.”

This new DeSantis sign went on sale in his official campaign store.

This an absolutely epic move by DeSantis to turn the tables on one of the Left’s biggest totems of Trump resistance.

DeSantis’s use of humor against the Left in his campaign gear is quickly becoming his calling card.

In addition to his new sign, he has Anthony Fauci flip-flop sandals with “pound sand” on the bottom and “Freedom from Fauci” on the straps.

Moves like this will keep DeSantis winning and leave the Left in a rage. 

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