Democrats across the country are fighting to keep parents in the dark about the propaganda being taught to their children

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been one big disaster after another.

It’s also been an awakening for many Americans and now they’re pushing back against the radical left-wing agenda being forced on them and their children.

But Democrats refuse to back down, as many of them fight to keep parents in the dark about the propaganda being taught to their children.

There is one good thing to come out of Biden’s first year in office and that’s the Left awakening the sleeping giant that is American parents.

Parents are furious with what their children are being subject to in the classroom and they’re fighting back.

As the midterm elections get closer, the fight over education continues to rage across the country with many GOP lawmakers pushing for more transparency in the classroom.

Republicans across the country are pushing bills that would make curriculum more readily accessible to parents.

Even United States Senators like Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are speaking out about the issue.

“American parents are speaking out. […] The fact that woke bureaucrats are this terrified by transparency proves exactly why parents deserve it,” McConnell said from the Senate floor.

And it’s not just Democrat lawmakers pushing back against the bills, it’s the teachers too.

It’s long been known that teachers’ unions are just another arm of the Democrat Party, but over the last year it has become clear as day.

Teachers are apparently worried that making curriculum public could lead to “censorship” issues – ignoring the fact that the Left is leading the charge on censorship of anything that sniffs of conservative values.

These bills are being met with hostility across the country because Democrats, and the teachers unions, don’t want parents knowing what their children are being taught.

You can’t brainwash kids if you have to admit to their parents what you’re teaching them.

Republicans in Virginia made their voices heard last fall when they elected Glenn Youngkin who ran on a platform of cleaning up the education system.

Now, with the midterm elections just months away, the Left is scared, and they should be.

Parents have had it with the games and someone needs to start taking responsibility for what is being taught to America’s youth.

Close to fifteen states have curriculum transparency bills being considered right now.

One thing is for sure, parents are paying attention and they’ll make their voices heard at the ballot box if these bills don’t make it through the legislature.

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