Bill Clinton is sweating bullets after this massive scandal broke

Bill Clinton has been out of office for two decades.

But he still can’t avoid getting himself into trouble.

And he’s sweating bullets after this massive scandal broke.

The Jeffrey Epstein scandal is still shrouded in mystery.

Even with his madam Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty there’s more questions than answers.

Epstein had ties to numerous powerful politicians including Bill Clinton.

Now a new revelation from the Daily Mail has raised some serious questions on what exactly the relationship between Epstein and Bill was.

Visitor logs from Clinton’s first term in office show that Epstein visited the White House at least seventeen times.

Even more disturbing, he brought eight different women with him on his visits to Slick Willy between 1993 and 1995.

One of the women was Ghislaine Maxwell who joined him while three others are described as “girlfriends.”

The relationship with the other four women who accompanied him is unknown.

Two of the women alleged to be Epstein’s girlfriend, Celina Midelfart and Eva Andersson, were witnesses in Maxwell’s trial.

As to what happened during these visits the Daily Mail said, “The nature of Epstein’s accompanied visits is not disclosed in the visitor logs, however, they show one of them coincided with a dinner in the Blue Room attended by dozens of well-heeled guests.”

Maxwell attended a reception with Epstein by the White House Historical Association after he made a $10,000 donation to help renovate the building. 

A picture shows Clinton speaking to Epstein and Maxwell at the 1993 event. 

Epstein also got a picture of himself at the podium of the White House Briefing Room that was framed and hung in his infamous Palm Beach mansion.

This is yet another unexplained connection between Clinton and Epstein that’s come to light.

Clinton attended a high-end 1995 fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida that Epstein was a guest at.

Epstein’s name was also mentioned in a letter in the Clinton Library from a wealthy donor stating, “Using my fifteen seconds of access to discuss Jeffrey Epstein and currency stabilization.”

Clinton has been able to dodge any connections to Epstein in the past but the timing of this news is disastrous.

With whispers that Joe Biden won’t run for a second term, Hillary’s name is being floated as a possible replacement.

Dealing with a potential Epstein scandal could bring questions about how electable Hillary is for Democrats.

These new revelations prove that even out of office scandal still follows Bill Clinton.

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