An insider revealed the border crisis scandal that Joe Biden doesn’t want you to know about

From day one of his administration, Joe Biden invited a crisis on the southern border.

Illegal aliens poured into the country, but Biden tried to hide one truth from the American people.

And this insider revealed the border crisis scandal that Joe Biden doesn’t want you to know about.

The Biden administration continually tries to slow-play the monthly release of how many illegal aliens Customs and Border Patrol stops trying to sneak into the country.

In December, that number was 180,000.

All told, more than two million illegal aliens flowed over the southern border on Joe Biden’s watch in 2021.

But that does not even begin to tell the depths of the scandal.

Former Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan revealed that thanks to Joe Biden’s open borders agenda, the actual number of illegal aliens that attempted to invade America was actually 3,000,000

“In 12 months, CBP recorded more than two million encounters along the southwest border, a shocking and historic number,” Morgan began.

Morgan explained that the official figures include “getaways” – illegal aliens that evade capture by the border patrol – and “turnaways” – illegal aliens who give up on the march to America and head home.

“But that number does not include an estimated 600,000 or more ‘got-aways,’ individuals who cross the border illegally but which Border Patrol is unable to detain. And then there are the ‘turn-backs,’ those who make an effort to cross the border but eventually give up and return to their country of origin. Under Biden, that number was around 400,000. Under Joe Biden, more than three million people have tried to violate America’s sovereignty and illegally enter our country. This is not only the worst border crisis in American history — it’s the worst 12 months for any president when it comes to border security,” Morgan stated.

Joe Biden does not want the American people to know about these numbers nor does Biden want immigration front and center in the American political debate.

That’s because Biden’s lowest poll numbers have always come on the border.

The American people understand that Joe Biden wants large numbers of illegal aliens flowing into the country because it gives Democrats the largest pool of potential new voters if they ever ram amnesty through Congress.

The border is open and millions of illegal aliens march into the country because that is what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want.

But what they do not want is a sustained national conversation about the border crisis.

And that is why they try to hide these numbers from the public.

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