This traitorous act Obama made just dealt Joe Biden a massive defeat

The Biden regime is collapsing before our eyes.

Now Biden has to deal with blowback from the Obama era.

And this traitorous act Obama made just dealt Joe Biden a massive defeat.

The situation unfolding in Afghanistan is a disaster of epic proportions.

Biden’s catastrophic plan for withdrawal has embarrassed the U.S. on the world stage.

But the seeds of the problems were planted during the Obama regime.

The mastermind of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is a Mullah named Khairullah Khairkhwa.

He served as the interior minister for the Taliban where he oversaw brutal Islamic punishments like beheadings.

He was captured in 2001 after being accused of collaborating with Osama bin Laden and sentenced to Gitmo.

Obama released him and four other terrorists in 2014 from Gitmo in exchange for an Army deserter, Bowe Bergdahl.

Despite his own Pentagon warning him that Khairkhwa was a dangerous terrorist, he sent him to Qatar.

Obama hailed Bergdahl as a POW but it turned out he was a traitor.

Bergdahl was court martialed by the Army for desertion after he fled his post and collaborated with the Taliban.

Khairkhwa was supposed to remain in Qatar where his movement was restricted and he would be harmless.

Of course this was a colossal blunder by Obama and he returned to the battlefield.

Now Joe Biden is dealing with the disastrous decisions made by Obama to empty Gitmo of the world’s most dangerous terrorists.

Continuing the Obama appeasement he released his first terrorist from Gitmo in July.

After suffering one of the most humiliating defeats in American history, these freed terrorists will be emboldened by Biden’s weakness.

Terrorist states like Iran along with Russia and China could seize on the Biden regime’s feebleness.

With 75% of the Gitmo detainees freed under Obama and a potential terrorist state reemerging in Afghanistan this could mark a major reemergence of international terrorism.

And a rise in terrorism after the calm of the Trump era could sink the already flailing Biden regime.

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