This Christian Hollywood star blew Bill Maher’s mind with one message

Photo by David Shankbone, CC BY-SA 3.0,, via Wikimedia

Bill Maher is an atheist.

His jokes routinely demean Christians and other believers.

But this Christian Hollywood star blew Maher’s mind with one message.

Comedian Bill Maher has been getting schooled on his own podcast in recent interviews.

For instance, entrepreneur and podcast host Patrick Bet-David pressed Maher on why he liked California Governor Gavin Newsom, and the comedian had no good response.

Maher also recently interviewed Alan Ritchson, star of the Amazon Prime series Reacher.

Maher the atheist 

During the discussion, Maher prattled on about his dislike of Christianity, and Ritchson corrected him.

“At the time that Jesus was around, if he lived — that is still an open question; he could not have been actually a historical figure but probably was,” Maher claimed. “But at the time… Roman mythology was waning. So there were a lot of other competing religions. The reason why that one won is because in an empire that was at least a third slave, the message of, ‘Sure, this life is s**t, but let me tell you something. You’re going to inherit the kingdom of Heaven.’ And who’s going to do that? The meek. The losers. Now Nietzsche said this message was very bad for humans because it was telling you the strong don’t win.”

Biblical references to “the meek” are often interpreted as references to the “weak” or “losers,” but that is not the meaning.

It’s about being humble and showing restraint.

Ritchson responded to Maher by explaining that his interruption was “not the message.”

“The message is that the Kingdom is coming to us, that Heaven is coming here, that our restoration, our salvation, and our Heaven is Earth, that we’re earthly creatures made for this place and that this resurrection will take place on Earth,” Ritchson explained. “If you’re truly following the way of Christianity, you will be a good steward of this place because this is where Heaven is.”

Progressive religion

Over the past few years, Maher has railed against woke insanity taking over society.

But what Maher and other atheists don’t understand is that wokeness is a secular religion.

Left-wing radicals take their woke extremist religious cult as seriously – if not more so, in more cases – as people of faith.

However, Maher believes that reason and rationality alone will save him and liberalism more broadly.

That theory should have been disproven during the pandemic when science and reason went out the window.