Joe Biden is fuming after a leading Republican gave him this devastating reality check

Joe Biden’s Presidency is turning into a raging tire fire.

He’s in way over his head.

Now Joe Biden is fuming after a leading Republican gave him this devastating reality check.

Americans are being crushed under the weight of record high gas prices caused by President Joe Biden’s radical environmental agenda.

Since President Biden first stepped foot in the Oval Office, gas prices have more than doubled under his regime.

The pain at the pump for millions of Americans has no end in sight either, with JPMorgan Chase predicting gas prices will hit $6 per gallon nationally by August.

Biden’s war on American energy production erased the energy dominance achieved under his predecessor, former President Donald Trump.

He’s become a full-throated supporter of the radical environmentalist polices championed by radical left-wing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

With gas prices becoming a massive political liability, President Biden has fumbled around trying to find an answer.

Even with record high prices crippling the country, he refuses to unleash American energy production.

Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) represents one of America’s largest oil-producing states, Oklahoma.

Rep. Mullin, who’s now running to represent Oklahoma in the U.S. Senate, tore into the President’s catastrophic failures on gas prices in a recent appearance on Newsmax.

“It’s absolutely hilarious when he sits there, and he says, ‘It’s [Vladimir] Putin’s gas prices,’ when we’re energy independent, or we could be,” Rep. Mullin said. “We were underneath President Trump. We hadn’t increased our footprint with petroleum and crude imports from Russia by 40%. We were controlling the market.”

After Biden stepped on the neck of American oil companies, the country began importing more oil from Russia as a response.

In the run up to their invasion of Ukraine, President Biden gave Vladimir Putin a major assist by funneling an untold sum of money to Russia.

Congressman Mullin slammed Biden for his hypocrisy on calling for oil companies to increase production while simultaneously threatening to put them out of business in his push for more “green energy.”

Biden Climate “Czar” John Kerry, one of the chief architects of President Biden’s radical environmental agenda, recently said the country doesn’t need to drill for more oil, further adding to the muddled messaging coming from the White House.

“Then they have John Kerry as the Climate Czar, but why is he the Climate Czar?” the Congressman asked. “He’s done nothing in life except marry a wealthy woman and throw his medals over a wall, but somehow he’s decided to be a climate czar. He says for us not to drill, but how the heck do you increase production?”

Mullin said that while the regime’s messaging is all over the place, what he does know is that they’re “bowing down to the far-left and this socialist agenda, so we can become more dependent on the government, not on the people.”

This massive increase in gas prices is also fueling inflation, according to Rep. Mullin.

“Energy is the backbone of every economy,” he said. “If you have high energy costs, you’re going to have high inflation because it takes equipment to deliver and to drill … and to create products and to get them from point A to point B.”

Biden is twiddling his thumbs while the American people are feeling major pain at the pumps. 

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