This top Republican Senator slammed Kamala Harris after yet another high-profile failure at the southern border

Kamala Harris is completely inept at her job.

Biden tasked her with getting the border under control. She’s failing miserably.

And now, this top Republican Senator slammed Kamala Harris after yet another high-profile failure at the southern border.

Kamala Harris has spent months trying to get the border crisis under control.

Instead of actually going to the border, she’s been flying all over Central America and Mexico to allegedly address the “root causes” of the immigration crisis rather than actually going to the front lines of the issue.

Last week, she stopped at the El Paso airport to explain how she was tackling the crisis, but all she ended up doing was blaming the current problem on – you guessed it – Donald Trump.

Even though the Biden administration – whose rhetoric invited the thousands of illegal immigrants to the border in the first place – has had six months to figure out how to curb the influx of illegal migrants, the crisis is still at historic levels.

The administration’s open borders rhetoric has now created a humanitarian crisis at the border, where thousands of illegal immigrants are stuffed in holding facilities as their asylum claims get “processed.”

And now, the situation at the border just got exponentially worse.

On Monday evening, a group of 246 migrants were caught trying to sneak across the border from Mexico to the United States.

It was the second largest group of migrants that were apprehended crossing the border this year.

According to Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings of the Rio Grande Valley sector, “a group of 246 migrants were apprehended in Hidalgo, TX. This group included 189 family members, 48 unaccompanied children, and 9 single adults . . .”

Texas Senator John Cornyn was quick to ask what everyone was thinking, “Where is Kamala?” he tweeted in response to Hastings’ original tweet.

How much longer will Kamala Harris avoid this issue, which is putting dozens of innocent children in harm’s way.

If the Biden administration hadn’t given millions of migrants a bunch of empty promises, maybe there wouldn’t be such a desperate situation at our border with Mexico.

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