This Hollywood director got hit with a brutal reality check after his latest left-wing propaganda film totally flopped

Photo by Etienne Méndez via Pexels

Hollywood’s self-congratulatory Academy Awards show is over.

Yet the entertainment industry’s left-wing propaganda continues.

And this Hollywood director got hit with a brutal reality check after his latest left-wing propaganda film totally flopped.

Director Rob Reiner is one of the most Trump-deranged celebrities in Hollywood.

He has gone on countless rants against former President Donald Trump and anyone else who dares disagree with Democrats’ woke extremist agenda.

His latest targets are so-called “Christian nationalists,” a term he uses as a catch-all to describe all Christians who haven’t forsaken their faith to pledge allegiance to the woke religious cult.

Reiner’s latest documentary, God and Country, was supposed to be a devastating takedown of so-called “Christian nationalism,” but the film ended up being a total bust.

The film made less than $40,000 in its opening weekend, a dismal figure for a movie with so much promotion behind it.

Left-wing critics gave the film positive reviews, but one person who did not was Catholic League President Bill Donahue.


He accused Reiner and others in the industry of exhibiting “religiophobia.”

“Rob Reiner, more commonly known as ‘Meathead,’ [Reiner’s character in All in the Family] released a movie last month that demonstrates the pervasiveness of religiophobia in Hollywood,” Dr. Donahue wrote. “‘God and Country’ is about an alleged threat to American democracy posed by so-called Christian nationalists. The Meathead would have the audience believe that we are on the verge of a theocratic takeover, though few outside of Hollywood and other secular subcultures pay any attention to this fable.”

Democrats like Reiner have been waging a war against Christianity for decades, but the latest fear-mongering over so-called “Christian nationalism” has gone over like a lead balloon.

“The film is based on the work of Katherine Stewart, an author who harbors a deep phobia about Christianity,” Donahue continued. “In 2021, she cited as evidence that Christian nationalists are ‘running the country’ a quip by President Trump. He mentioned that the Covid crisis would wane by Easter. Because he didn’t say by ‘mid-April’—but instead dropped the nefarious ‘E-word’—this was all the proof this sage needed to declare this a Christian nationalist moment. I’m not making this up.”

“The Hollywood Reporter was so exercised by the movie that it said that Christian nationalism ‘bears an unfortunate similarity to the rise of Nazi Germany,’” he added. “Thus does this noted publication trivialize what happened to Jews under Hitler. Shameless is too kind a word to describe this characterization.”

Christians constantly under siege

Democrats are on a mission to uproot Christianity, as they rightly see it as an obstacle to their woke “fundamental transformation of the United States.”

“As for the Meathead, he says Christian nationalism is out to make us a Christian nation, something the Founders rejected,” Donahue added. “It is true that the Founders did not want the establishment of a Christian nation, but it is also true that they recognized, and indeed applauded, the founding of a Christian-inspired nation. That is why there are four references to God in the Declaration of Independence.”

Ironically, Democrats have been fear-mongering about an impending theocracy in the vein of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale at a time when church attendance is at an all-time low, and people identifying as non-religious is at an all-time high.

But faith in God could be on the rebound because people are starting to wake up to the reality that woke extremism is actually a secular religious cult.