The Military just doubled down on promoting Critical Race Theory in the Armed Forces

The debate over Critical Race Theory is intensifying.

From local school boards to the halls of the Pentagon, teaching the dangerous Marxist ideology is a hotly-debated topic.

And now, the military just doubled down on promoting Critical Race Theory in the Armed Forces.

The radical Left is pushing CRT all across the United States.

But conservatives are putting up a fierce fight. 

Critical Race Theory is a Marxist theory that states all white people are racist, minorities are constantly oppressed, and that every American institution is shaped by “systemic racism.”

Liberals are attempting to teach this poisonous ideology in public school systems across the country, hoping to indoctrinate America’s next generation with their racist worldview.

Now, the U.S. military is promoting CRT too.

Recently, United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley publicly came out in support of teaching CRT in military academies and throughout the enlisted ranks.

Now other educators within the U.S. military are defending CRT as well.

In a Washington Post op-ed, Lynne Chandler Garcia, associate professor of political science at the Air Force Academy, defended the teaching of Critical Race Theory at military schools.

POLITICO noted Garcia claimed “she herself teaches it [CRT] to cadets because it is ‘vital’ that future military leaders understand the history of racism and how it shaped the country.”

Conservative leaders were infuriated at the comments, because they seem to directly contradict Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s claims that military academies do not teach CRT in the classroom.

“We do not teach Critical Race Theory, we do not embrace Critical Race Theory and I think that’s a spurious conversation,” Austin said last month.

As it turns out, radical professors within the U.S. Military are indeed teaching CRT, and it could have disastrous consequences for the future of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Soldiers and military personnel must be able to create tight bonds and unequivocally trust their peers in order to be a formidable fighting force.

The last thing the country needs is our own troops turning on each other because of the color of their skin.

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