The gang of irresponsible Texas lawmakers who fled the state are furious with Biden and you won’t believe why

Those Texas House Democrats who ran away so they didn’t have to vote on an election integrity bill keep making headlines.

First, they were front-page news for the extravagant way they traveled to D.C., and then it was for catching and spreading COVID.

Now the gang of irresponsible Texas lawmakers who fled the state are furious with Biden and you won’t believe why.

Looks like these supposed lawmakers from Texas will be staying in Washington, D.C. through the first week in August because that’s when the special session in the Texas Legislature will expire.

It also looks like these lawmakers expect red carpets to be rolled out and anyone in power to clamor for their presence.

Unfortunately for them, one powerful figure doesn’t seem to want a meeting with them.

These Texas House Democrats say they fled for Washington, D.C. to urge Congress and Joe Biden to pass the so-called “For The People” Act, which is anything but “for the people,” that would enact sweeping election reform.

But there’s one problem.

Joe Biden has repeatedly refused to meet with them – even through Zoom.

That has to be a real blow to their egos.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, Texas State Representative Richard Pena Raymond told Democrat Congressman Lloyd Doggett, “He won’t meet with us on Zoom like this, and I’m trying to be tactful, but I don’t know how else to say it, man. I’m just pissed off at this point. He doesn’t give us the respect the way you have.”

These Texas Democrats do not deserve respect, but many on the Left are praising them and calling them heroes.

They’re cowards is what they really are.

Texas State Representative Sheryl Cole seems to believe they “deserve” Biden’s time.

“All we can do is ask and push through our other congressional members. Throughout the country, we’ve received so much support that it has risen to a need for presidential attention,” the Democrat from Texas stated.

While it’s unlikely Biden is avoiding them for the reasons they should be avoided – because they’re criminals who are shirking their responsibilities – it is comical to watch them squirm.

The people of Texas should be outraged by the behavior of these so-called “lawmakers” and should prove it by making sure none of them are reelected.

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