Texas is about to have a conservative showdown with this Representative announcing his bid for state Attorney General

As 2022 approaches, many are predicting massive wins for Republicans in the midterm elections and the Democrats losing control of Congress.

What most aren’t predicting is Republicans announcing bids to run against other Republicans in red state races.

But it looks like Texas is about to have a conservative showdown with this Representative announcing his bid for state Attorney General.

Looks like Representative Louie Gohmert is ready to move on from his time in Congress and take on a new role – Attorney General for the state of Texas.

The only problem is Gohmert will have to run against the current Texas AG, Ken Paxton, in the Republican primary.

Gohmert announced Monday that he will be challenging Paxton in next year’s GOP primary.

“Though our current AG has had two terms, it seems he really started working harder after so many of his most honorable and very top people in the AG’s office left complaining of criminal conduct,” Gohmert said in a video announcing his bid.

Ken Paxton is seeking a third four-year term as the Attorney General of Texas and received the endorsement of Donald Trump this past July.

However, despite being the state’s chief law enforcement officer, Paxton has been under indictment on felony securities fraud charges since 2015.

In 2020, eight high-ranking officials in the Attorney General’s office reported Paxton to the FBI and accused him of abusing his office to help a wealthy donor by ordering an investigation into whether federal authorities tampered with warrants during a search of the donor’s home.

This is what Representative Louie Gohmert says must come to an end.

“If you allow me, I will not wait to be my busiest until after there is some bad press about legal improprieties. I’ll start boldly protecting your rights on day one,” Gohmert said.

Gohmert listed immigration and pushing back on the tyrannical COVID mandates would be his top priorities if elected Texas Attorney General.

“Unconstitutional mandates will not be tolerated from anyone,” he said. “Parental consent is still an important concept in America, and especially in Texas.”

Gohmert is a popular figure and loved by many for his tell-it-like-it-is attitude but he’s up against a large field of very capable candidates who would also like to slide into the Attorney General’s office.

Looks like there could be some serious shake ups in the Republican Party of Texas over the coming year.

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