Ted Cruz schooled a reporter who asked him to do this while speaking to the press

The maskers vs. the anti-maskers has become a war of epic proportions, and it doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky recently took Dr. Fauci to task over the hypocrisy behind mask-wearing to supposedly prevent the spread of COVID 19.

And most recently, Ted Cruz schooled a reporter who asked him to do this while speaking to the press.

During a Senate presser just the other day, a reporter requested that the Senator from Texas wear a mask during his remarks.

Senator Cruz had stepped up to the microphone to begin speaking but was stopped before he could say anything by an unidentified reporter asking, “Would you mind putting on a mask for us?”

Cruz quipped back, “Yeah when I’m talking to the TV camera, I’m not going to wear a mask. All of us have been immunized, so . . .”

But, the reporter who made the request clearly wasn’t going to back down. They went on to tell Cruz, “It’d make us feel better.”

Not one to be told what to do, Cruz responded, “You’re welcome to step away if you’d like.”

Conservative praised Cruz’s directness and unwillingness to cave to the reporter’s request.

Cabot Phillips of the Daily Wire tweeted, “This is exactly how to respond to a performative virtue-signaling reporter pretending to be scared of a vaccinated person.”

Even Cruz himself later went on to tweet, “Lefty reporters have lost their minds. #CommonSense”

Mask-wearing indeed appears to have become nothing more than virtue signaling for those on the Left.

The science just does not back up the claims that it keeps anyone from actually contracting coronavirus.

In fact, some studies show it is harming many people instead of helping.

Senator Rand Paul recently told Fox News host Neil Cavuto that without evidence to back up the government’s recommendations, mandates about mask-wearing and social distancing are “emotionalism and fear-mongering.”

The Left has taken mask-wearing to absurd lengths, such as wearing one while waiting for and walking to a table in a restaurant but not while eating.

It’s not about safety to the liberals, it’s about control and obedience.

America will never get out from under these restrictions if they continue to listen to the lies the Left is telling them.

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