Senator Mike Lee argued one group of people suffer more than others from waves of uncontrolled illegal immigration

The issue at the southern border grows increasingly worse with each passing day.


There is no doubt it is hurting Americans, but Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care.


And Senator Mike Lee argued one group of people suffer more than others from waves of uncontrolled illegal immigration.


Joe Biden and most of the Democrats have turned a blind eye to what is happening at the southern border.


Unfortunately, ignoring the problem isn’t making it go away.


And on a recent episode of the Sean Hannity Show, Senator Mike Lee from Utah explained who is really suffering because of the border crisis.


Lee argued that the people who are harmed by uncontrolled waves of illegal immigration are not the rich people or those living in big metropolitan centers.


Senator Lee says the “people who suffer most from them are poor, middle-class Americans, especially lower-income Americans who live on or near the U.S.-Mexico border.”


The weakened border is destroying the America we all once knew and loved.  


It is crushing those who work hard to provide for their family and try to enjoy a simple way of life.


“Every time they weaken these borders, it makes life difficult, makes the American Dream more unattainable for those people who are most vulnerable to that sort of thing, which is Americans, poor and middle class, especially on or near borders,” Lee concluded.


Joe Biden was so concerned about reversing Trump-era policies that he never considered the consequences of flinging the borders wide open.


Biden wanted the Left to see him as a hero, but now even some in his own Party are demanding answers about how this is going to be fixed.


Of course, Biden, nor anyone else in his administration for that matter, have answers.


They’ve tried to ignore the situation, which has only made it worse, and are now hoping it just gets better on its own.


Joe Biden continues to prove to the American people just how little he cares about them.


The Democrats are driven by ego and the desire to control, not by doing what’s in the best interest of the American people.


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