Runaway Texas Democrats just had their plan backfire in a major way

Texas State House Democrats fled the state to kill an election integrity bill.

The stunt has been an ongoing series of debacles for them.

And now they just had their plan backfire in a major way.

When Texas Republicans tried to pass a common sense election integrity bill earlier this year, Democrats in the state house lost their minds.

Without the votes needed to stop the bill, they fled to Washington, D.C. denying the house the minimum number of Representatives in attendance to conduct business.

This ran out the clock on a special session of the legislature.

Hyped up by the left-wing media, the cowardly Democrats’ Washington, D.C. trip has been an epic failure.

From a private jet flight to Washington, D.C. without masks and alcohol flowing, a COVID outbreak linked to them, and being ignored by Joe Biden, the stunt has been a fiasco.

Now their plan has blown up in their face as many return to Texas.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled that Republican Governor Greg Abbott and the Statehouse Speaker have the right to authorize arrest or detention for runaway Democrats to force them to do the job they were elected to do.

The court also affirmed a veto by the Governor, which prevented the Democrats on the lam from collecting a salary for them or their staff.

The House Speaker has issued warrants for 52 Democrats who fled.

Now with another special session of the legislature called, it’s only a matter of time before enough Democrats are forced to do their jobs and the election integrity bill passes.

Democrat State Legislators fleeing to stop bills they don’t like is a timeworn tactic for them.

In Wisconsin Democrats fled the state to stop Scott Walker’s public sector union reform bill.

The longest legislative walk out in American history was by Indiana Democrats fleeing the state to stop a Right to Work bill.

In both Wisconsin and Indiana the moves failed and the bills passed.

With the Texas Democrats’ stunt going down in flames it could discourage outrageous Democrat obstruction to election integrity measures in the future.

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