Ron DeSantis left Democrats fuming after he shut down a major lawsuit with one epic statement

Ron DeSantis is in the crosshairs of Democrats.

Democrats thought they backed him into a corner.

But Ron DeSantis left Democrats fuming after he shut down a major lawsuit with one epic statement.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis caused left-wing extremists to meltdown after he flew 48 illegal aliens to the wealthy resort island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

When the Biden border crisis was dumped on the doorstep of wealthy left-wing elitists, the National Guard was quickly called in to move them to a military base.

After being exposed as total hypocrites on illegal immigration, Democrats were seething with rage at Governor DeSantis.

The illegal aliens voluntarily took the flight, and several of them even thanked DeSantis for sending them, much to the dismay and surprise of an NBC News reporter.

Now, a group of the illegal aliens on the flight, undoubtedly egged on by Democrats, are filing a class-action lawsuit against Governor DeSantis and other government officials in Florida.

The lawsuit claims that the Governor and others “designed and executed a premeditated, fraudulent, and illegal scheme centered on exploiting this vulnerability for the sole purpose of advancing their own personal, financial and political interests.”

After the flight to Martha’s Vineyard, Democrats were screaming for legal action to be taken against DeSantis over the move.

California Governor Gavin Newsom asked the Biden Department of Justice to investigate Governor DeSantis on the laughable basis that he “kidnapped” illegal aliens.

DeSantis spokeswoman Taryn Fenske ripped the lawsuit, calling it “political theater” brought forward by “opportunistic activists.”

“If these activists spent even a fraction of this time and effort at the border, perhaps some accountability would be brought to the Biden Administration’s reckless border policies that entice illegal immigrants to make dangerous and often lethal journeys through Central America and put their lives in the hands of cartels and Coyotes,” Fenske said.

While the lawsuit claims that the flight was a “fraudulent scheme” by DeSantis, the documents the illegal aliens signed before traveling prove otherwise.

Fenske gave Fox News a copy of the consent form the illegal aliens signed before taking the flight, which was made available in both English and their native Spanish.

“I agree to hold the benefactor or its designated representatives harmless of all liability arising out of or in any way relating to any injuries and damages that may occur during the agreed transport to locations outside of Texas until the final destination in Massachusetts,” the form clearly states.

The lawsuit claims they were told their final destination was Boston or Washington, D.C., and that they were bribed with $10 gift certificates to McDonalds.

Fenske also reiterated that the illegal aliens took the flight “on a voluntary basis.”

“The immigrants were homeless, hungry, and abandoned – and these activists didn’t care about them then,” Fenske said. “Florida’s program gave them a fresh start in a sanctuary state and these individuals opted to take advantage of chartered flights to Massachusetts.”

“It was disappointing that Martha’s Vineyard called in the Massachusetts National Guard to bus them away from the island within 48 hours,” she concluded.

Democrats are desperately trying to stop Ron DeSantis from notching another epic victory.

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