Ron DeSantis is grinning from ear to ear after Democrats made this move

Ron DeSantis is one of the conservative stars of the Biden era.

He’s caused the radical Left and the corporate-controlled media to lose their minds.

And he’s grinning from ear to ear after Democrats made this move.

Ron DeSantis is a future Presidential contender for standing up to the Left’s narrative on the pandemic.

He kept the state open in the midst of lockdown madness and their economy is soaring.

Sensing the political threat, the Biden regime and the corrupt corporate-controlled media have been constantly lobbing attacks against him.

Beating him in his reelection in 2022 has been a top priority for the radical Left.

Now Democrats are going to be fuming after the decision of a key Democrat organization.

The Democratic Governors Association (DGA), the leading group to elect Democrat Governors, is throwing in the towel on Florida’s Governor race next year.

It was announced that the group has no plans to spend significantly against DeSantis in the race.

The DGA had spent $7.6 million against DeSantis in his narrow 2018 victory.

An anonymous source told Politico that there’s a growing sense that the state is becoming unwinnable for Democrats.

This is a devastating blow for any potential Democrat challenger to DeSantis next year.

In a large and expensive state to campaign in like Florida, candidates need significant outside spending to have a chance to win.

Despite the handwringing by the corporate-controlled media over DeSantis, this announcement is a sign that the people of Florida are buying into his conservative leadership.

And the recent poll numbers back this up.

A new poll from St. Leo’s shows that DeSantis is leading against all three of his potential Democrat challengers by double digits margins.

This is the latest good political news to come his way.

For the first time in the history of Florida, there are now more registered Republicans than Democrats.

With Democrats looking like they’re going to punt on the Governor’s race a year out from the election, DeSantis’ star will continue to shine bright. 

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