Ron DeSantis destroyed his Democrat challenger by asking these four simple questions

Democrats finally picked their candidate to challenge Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in November.

But the Democrat challenger’s campaign imploded on launch.

And Ron DeSantis destroyed his Democrat challenger by asking these four simple questions.

Democrats chose political chameleon Charlie Crist to run against Florida’s incumbent Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

A former one-term “Republican” Governor, Crist previously lost Florida’s Republican U.S. Senate Primary to Senator Marco Rubio in 2010.

Crist then ran as an independent in the General Election that November, and lost yet again.

He then switched parties yet again to run as a Democrat, as he challenged incumbent Republican Governor Rick Scott in 2014, but that was a losing effort, as well.

Charlie Crist is the only politician to lose elections as a member of three different parties.

And now, Crist is back for more, as he is running for Governor a third time – he did actually win in 2006 as a “Republican” – against Ron DeSantis.

But on his first day as the Democrat nominee for Governor, Crist showed the political incompetence that dogged all of his previous failed campaigns.

In a stunning move, Crist smeared the majority of Floridians as bigots saying he did not want the vote of anyone who supported Governor DeSantis because they have “hate in their heart.”

That is an odd stance for Crist to take, if he wants to actually win this time, of course.

A recent Florida Chamber of Commerce poll found that Ron DeSantis currently has the support of 51% of likely voters compared to just 43% for Crist.

That same poll also found that 54% of Floridians approved of the job DeSantis is doing as Governor.

If Crist wants to actually win for a change, one would think he needs to peel off some voters from Governor DeSantis in order to make it happen.

But DeSantis showed why this will prove impossible for Crist.

At a campaign event, DeSantis asked if voters believed having “hate in your heart” meant supporting law enforcement, opposing shutdowns, wanting to ban woke groomers from schools, and providing low cost drugs to seniors.

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