Republicans have one secret weapon in 2022 that is bad news for Democrats

Republicans and Democrats are locked in a tight battle for control of Congress.

Democrats think they hold the advantage.

But Republicans have one secret weapon in 2022 that is bad news for Democrats.

In key races across the country, Democrats are refusing to debate their Republican rivals.

Pennsylvania Democrat Senate nominee, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, suffered a massive stroke in May, and his handlers won’t allow him to appear in an unscripted debate setting.

Fetterman has already ducked one debate, and refuses to commit to a showdown with Republican nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Based on clips of Fetterman giving speeches on the campaign trail, it’s easy to see why his campaign team is terrified to put him in a televised debate.

On top of that, the race for Governor in Arizona is another contest where the Democrat nominee is afraid to debate the Republican nominee.

Democrat Katie Hobbs’ campaign has announced that Hobbs would duck a debate against GOP challenger Kari Lake.

“Unfortunately, debating a conspiracy theorist like Kari Lake – whose entire campaign platform is to cause enormous chaos and make Arizona the subject of national ridicule – would only lead to constant interruptions, pointless distractions, and childish name-calling,” a statement from Hobbs’s campaign read.

“Arizonans deserve so much better than Kari Lake, and that’s why we’re confident Katie Hobbs will be elected our next governor,” the statement added.

Hobbs has proven to be a bad candidate with no charisma, and her team clearly does not want to risk putting her on stage next to Lake, who spent years as a TV news anchor in Tucson.

Lake responded by mocking Hobbs’ fear of debating.

“It’s becoming clearer everyday that Hobbs’ strategy is to hide from Me, the Press, and the Voters throughout the entirety of this campaign and run out the clock on the people of Arizona,” Lake posted on Twitter.

Lake then said she would show up at the scheduled debate to answer questions and share her views.

“I will be taking part in the debate format that I already agreed to, and if Katie Hobbs grows a spine between now and October 12th, she is welcome to join me!” Lake added.

Both Fetterman and Hobbs are facing Trump-endorsed Republicans, and polls show both races are tight and will likely go down to the wire.

Democrat candidates’ unwillingness to debate Republicans will stick out like a sore thumb, and could play a pivotal role in voter’s decisions.

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