Pop star Shakira made herself the woke mob’s public enemy #1 by using this one word to describe Barbie

Photo by Vinicius Maciel via Pexels

The entertainment industry is dominated by woke extremists.

Anyone who speaks out against Democrats’ narrative is attacked and vilified by others in the industry.

Pop star Shakira made herself the woke mob’s public enemy #1 by using this one word to describe Barbie.

Colombian music artist Shakira first signed her first record deal with Sony Music Colombia at the age of 13 and has since gone on to establish herself as the “Queen of Latin Music” in the eyes of many.

In 2022, MTV named her one of “the most influential women in the history of music.”

Over the years, Shakira has won three Grammy Awards, 14 Latin Grammy Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards, 39 Billboard Latin Music Awards, and has even set 21 Guinness World Records.

Needless to say, Shakira is undeniably one of the biggest pop stars on the planet today.

And she recently set off a firestorm with her comments about the Barbie movie during an interview with Allure.

For years, Democrats have been waging a woke war on masculinity and all things masculine.

As Breitbart’s John Nolte pointed out, Barbie “is a woke, two-hour piece of rich and famous broads whining about the patriarchy and hating on the same species (men) who won all the wars, dug all the coal, and built the country that made their luxury-crybabying possible.”

During her interview with Allure, Shakira was asked, “Now, I can’t help but ask a question that’s been on my mind since we began this conversation: did you watch the movie Barbie?”

When Shakira confirmed that she did, in fact, watch the movie, the interviewer asked what she thought of it.

And Shakira gave an answer that caused all hell to break loose amongst the woke left-wing outrage mob.

“My sons absolutely hated it,” she said. “They felt that it was emasculating. And I agree, to a certain extent.”

Shakira said she wanted her two boys to “feel powerful,” while also “respecting women.”

However, she is no fan of Democrats’ war on masculinity.

“I like pop culture when it attempts to empower women without robbing men of their possibility to be men, to also protect and provide,” she said. “I believe in giving women all the tools and the trust that we can do it all without losing our essence, without losing our femininity,” she continued. “I think that men have a purpose in society and women have another purpose as well.”

“We complement each other, and that complement should not be lost,” she added.

Shakira’s answer was a breath of fresh air in an industry filled with woke extremists who are determined to force all Americans to submit to their demands.