Navy SEALs are being sidelined for a reason that will make your blood boil

The Biden administration is politicizing the armed forces to a dangerous degree.

“Wokeness” is one of the problems affecting military readiness.

Now, for a reason that will make your blood boil, Navy SEALs are being sidelined.

Joe Biden decreed that all members of the armed forces must get vaccinated in order to serve.

The shocking and ridiculous order is having a profound effect on the elite Navy SEALs.

As many as one quarter of SEALs may be forced out after objections to the vaccine on religious grounds.

Pastor Jeff Durbin told Just the News:

“There are hundreds of Navy SEALs who have not been vaccinated, do not want to take the vaccine, or who have had and recovered from COVID and have the benefit of natural immunity . . . A large number of SEALS that I am speaking on behalf of are facing the very difficult decision that even with a legitimate religious exemption that is based upon their commitments to Christ, the Gospel, God’s Law, and the Constitution, they will no longer be Navy SEALs.”

It’s absurd that SEALs are being forced to make this choice.

If anyone should be allowed to make a personal risk assessment, it’s a Navy SEAL.

Biden’s edict is just the latest attempt at dividing the military.

Secretary of State Lloyd Austin issued a stand-down order to investigate extremism within the armed forces, and disgraced General Mark Milley preached the importance of Critical Race Theory.

The military is being unnecessarily politicized.

Pastor Durbin continued:

“They are essentially being asked to make a decision between their commitments to the lordship of Christ and their careers as Navy SEALs. Our country should be very concerned about what this would do to military readiness. Losing hundreds of Navy SEALs because of their legitimate and sincerely held Christian beliefs could be devastating to us as a nation.”

Biden and the Democrats don’t care.

They simply want compliance.

Everyone must get vaccinated irrespective of individual health status.

A recent report commissioned by Tom Cotton and other Republican Senators found that the Navy’s preoccupation with social justice initiatives was harming military preparedness.

This latest dust-up over forced vaccination is yet another unnecessary hindrance to effectiveness.

Resistance to draconian COVID procedures is growing.

People have been pushed beyond their limits of tolerance.

Biden can expect legal challenges to his executive overreach.

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