Nancy Pelosi sat in stunned silence after a court gave her a defeat she never saw coming

Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to give up control of the House without a fight.

She had one ace up her sleeve that she hoped would keep Democrats in control.

And she sat in stunned silence after a court gave her a defeat she never saw coming.

Normally elections are won or lost in the campaign leading up to election day.

But how Republican or Democrat the district a candidate runs in often decides which elections can actually be competitive.

Every ten years, after the census, the seats in the House are redistricted to account for changes in population.

This political inside baseball can determine which house seats in a state will be competitive over the next decade.

Political parties that control State Legislatures have used the redistricting process to their party’s advantage for years.

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats knew they were in big trouble heading into the Midterm election this year.

Clinging to a razor-thin majority combined with Joe Biden’s disastrous Presidency made holding onto the House an uphill battle for Pelosi.

So Democrats used an underhanded scheme known as gerrymandering, or drawing House districts to their advantage, to cement Pelosi’s control.

Democrat-controlled State Legislatures around the country drew districts to maximize the number of Democrats elected to the House.

Cities and counties were split to connect Democrat-leaning areas together to create House districts that are unwinnable for Republicans.

New York was supposed to be the crown jewel of the Democrats’ gerrymandering schemes.

The heavily Democrat state currently has eight Republican Representatives to go with 19 Democrats.

After losing a House seat from population loss, New York Democrats handed Nancy Pelosi a present.

Their new Congressional map was designed to elect 22 Democrats compared to only four Republicans.

New York Democrats enacted a brutal gerrymander that connected previously Republican districts to left-wing college towns and cities with lines that looked like bacon strips designed to overwhelm Republican areas.

With a stroke of a pen, Republicans lost four seats in Congress and faced daunting odds to win any of these newly created heavily Democrat districts.

Nancy Pelosi thought she was just given some cushion for her House majority, until a court stepped in.

In a 4-3 ruling, New York’s top court rejected the Democrats’ map as an unconstitutional map under state law.

New York law requires minimal splits to cities and counties to create geographically compact districts.

This is an astounding result that no one saw coming.

Disgraced former left-wing Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed most of the Justices on the court.

Democrats thought they would rubber stamp their unconstitutional scheme from the far-left controlled court.

Under a new court-ordered fair map, Republicans could potentially win three to five more districts than the previous Democrat gerrymander.

With Pelosi’s margin in the House at five seats, this is a devastating blow to her chances of hanging on to power.

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