Nancy Pelosi made this disgusting comparison involving conservatives that will leave you boiling with rage

Nancy Pelosi’s reign over the House could be nearing a close.

But she’s determined to go out in a blaze of glory.

And she made this disgusting comparison involving conservatives that will leave you boiling with rage.

Nancy Pelosi has weaponized the trumped-up events of January 6 to launch a political inquisition against conservatives.

Claiming “democracy itself is under attack,” she’s desperately trying to use the event to take out conservatives.

Democrats completely wrecked the country under Joe Biden so they have no accomplishments to run on.

January 6 is their political Hail Mary to try to cling to power.

With the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, the Swamp’s attention is fixated on the tragedy.

Pelosi is always looking to try to score political points so she launched one of her most unhinged rants yet.

Speaking to a group of left-wing activists with California Congresswoman Barbara Lee, she compared the Russian invasion to Republican attacks on Democracy.

“We talked about the fact that the invasion, the assault on Ukraine, was an assault on democracy. Barbara [Lee] took the time to talk about assaults on our democracy in our own country,” Pelosi claimed.

She posed a deranged question to Lee.

“Putin was engaged in trying to disrupt our own elections, but separate and apart from that, what’s going on in our country with the vote and the role that you’re playing to the fight for passage in the Senate, and the rest, on voting rights in our country?” she asked.

Lee responded, “Connecting what’s taking place abroad to what’s taking place in our own country, and what we see taking place in Ukraine now, is a direct assault on democracy. The fight for democracy is taking place throughout the world. It’s not only in Ukraine but it’s in our own country. And we’ve seen this through the campaigns of misinformation and disinformation. The fact that now we see those who are trying to take away the voting rights of people of color, of African Americans, of young people, of seniors, of the disabled.”

“I think everyone understands that we can’t go back to the days of enslavement and to the days of Jim Crow, which again, what’s taken place in America, as you all know, with the Republicans, because that’s what they’re trying to do,” Lee concluded.

This is an absolutely deranged comparison, even for two leftist kooks from California.

Yet again Democrats turn to their playbook of screaming about “Russia” and “attacks on democracy” against Republicans.

But it shows how desperate Democrats are to try to do anything to deflect from their failed agenda.

They have no accomplishments to run on, so they’re left with flailing attempts to try to compare Republicans to the Russians.

With Pelosi desperately trying to hold on to power, this could be just the beginning of her outlandish acts.

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