Nancy Pelosi just saw one number that could spell doom for Democrats

Nancy Pelosi is in the fight of her political life to hang onto control of the House.

But she got hit with a problem that she never expected.

And she just saw one number that could spell doom for Democrats.

Democrats are panicking about the upcoming Midterm elections.

The country has faced crisis after crisis that Democrats unleashed after they took total control of government.

With Pelosi’s razor-thin majority in the House, she has no margin for error if she wants to keep her job.

Now, a new crisis could spell the end of the line for Democrat’s control of Congress.

Skyrocketing gas prices have been a major political problem for Democrats under Joe Biden.

After Biden started his war on American oil and gas, their prices have gone through the roof.

Democrats hoped that gas prices might go down after the initial shock caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Gas prices are expected to hit record highs soon with more pain at the pumps on the way.

After a brief dip, the price of a gallon of gas has started to soar again.

The national average for a gallon of gas recently hit $4.33 according to data from AAA.

That’s about 20 cents more than the national average was a month ago and well over a dollar higher than this time last year.

Since Joe Biden took office, the price of gas has gone up roughly 73%.

The White House has tried to claim success in lowering gas prices but one trip to the pump exposes that blatant lie.

“Increasing gas demand and rising oil prices have pushed pump prices higher. Pump prices will likely face upward pressure as oil prices remain above $105 per barrel,” AAA commented.

With the start of summer driving season and major driving holidays like Memorial Day coming up, these already soaring prices are headed even higher.

The record price per gallon nationally set back in March could be topped by Memorial Day.

Already, several states like New York and Pennsylvania have already set record high prices.

Even worse, the price of a gallon of diesel set its record high of $5.55 a gallon.

While most drivers don’t use diesel, they’ll face increased costs from the skyrocketing price of diesel.

Diesel powers most of the trucks that deliver gasoline to stations and this increased cost to transport fuel is expected to be passed on to consumers.

More bad news is on the way for drivers as many states around the country switch to more expensive environmentally-friendly blends of gasoline for summer.

Biden has used excuse after excuse to deflect blame from his war on oil.

Currently, he’s trying to pin everything on Putin from high gas prices to inflation.

But drivers are reminded of Biden’s failures every time they fill up.

Skyrocketing gas prices are a major political problem for Democrats that’s only going to get worse heading into the summer. 

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