Nancy Pelosi just made a move to ram through Biden’s bloated spending bill and it looks like it may have backfired

Nancy Pelosi has been enjoying her time as Empress of the House of Representatives.

She is working every angle and finding every loophole to try and ram through some of the most radically left-wing legislation the United States has ever seen.

But Nancy Pelosi just made a move to ram through Biden’s bloated spending bill and it looks like it may have backfired.

If Americans didn’t already know Nancy Pelosi was calculated, heartless, and evil, they sure do now.

Pelosi continues to abuse her power as House Speaker and shove through legislation that – if anyone would read the fine print – will only hurt Americans in the end.

But in typical Democrat fashion, Pelosi sells it as “for the people.”

Democrats are charging ahead with their massive $3.5 trillion spending bill, which they are aiming to pass on a party-line vote through a controversial budget reconciliation process.

Unfortunately for Pelosi and the Democrats, the plan looks to be unraveling.

Dusty Johnson, Representative from South Dakota and known moderate, is warning Pelosi that the bill may lose GOP votes because it’s far too intertwined with the reconciliation bill.

“I think Nancy Pelosi did this whole process a real disservice by linking them together so strongly and she continues to do that. And that makes it very difficult to bring Republicans to the party. I think for honest, forthright fiscal conservatives, it’s hard to get excited about the trillion-dollar deal if in any way it makes it more likely that the three-and-a-half trillion-dollar deal passes,” Johnson said during an interview with Fox News.

Pelosi was counting on a number of moderate Republicans to back her bill, but her continued push to link it with reconciliation is hurting her chances of getting it passed.

“Speaker Pelosi is absolutely holding the infrastructure bill hostage,” Representative Johnson continued.

The notoriously progressive “Squad” are refusing to rule out the possibility of voting against Pelosi’s bill if they don’t have as much money as they want in the reconciliation bill.

Whatever Pelosi’s plans were to get this bloated, unnecessary, harmful bill through, they don’t seem to be panning out.

Americans can only hope this whole thing blows up in the Democrats’ faces because this is one very, very bad bill.

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