Nancy Pelosi just made a huge mistake that she’s going to live to regret

Nancy Pelosi’s days as a fixture in Washington, D.C. could be coming to an end.

She’s trying to scheme a last-minute way to save her political career.

And she just made a huge mistake that she’s going to live to regret.

Joe Biden’s incompetence and failed policies have unleashed crisis after crisis on the country.

His war on American energy has created record-high gas prices around the country.

And with summer drive season coming up, even more pain at the pumps is on the way for drivers.

Drivers are furious, with soaring gas prices leaving Democrats scrambling to find a solution.

Biden’s latest lame excuse of blaming everything on Vladimir Putin isn’t working.

So Nancy Pelosi is trotting out another failed socialist policy.

She announced that Democrats will introduce a bill to stop “price gouging” by oil companies.

“Price gouging needs to be stopped,” Pelosi said after announcing the new bill.

“This is a major exploitation of the consumer, because this is a product the consumer must have,” she added.

“The Putin tax-cut hike at the pump is a part of this. And you would think that the oil companies would compensate for that rather than exploit the opportunity,” she concluded. 

The new bill would allow the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and State Attorneys General to go after oil companies for so-called “price gouging.”

The FTC would be empowered to fine oil companies that don’t set gasoline prices that Democrats want.

After a never-ending parade of excuses blaming everything but Biden’s war on energy, Pelosi is rolling out a failed socialist policy from the 1970s.

This new bill would, in effect, set price controls for gasoline, capping what it could be sold for.

But this would be a disaster for drivers and make a bad situation worse.

Price controls artificially set the price of gasoline at a point where companies can’t sell it at a profit.

This policy was tried in the real world and failed miserably during the 1970s.

In response to the oil crisis, price controls were introduced to cap the price of gas.

This sparked shortages and the infamous gas lines under Jimmy Carter.

With the price capped, production would fall and the supply would start to dwindle. 

This would be a disaster for drivers already being crushed by the disastrous Biden economy.

But it would be political doom for Pelosi and Democrats.

Adding shortages and lines for gas would add to their mounting political problems heading into the Midterm elections.

Nancy Pelosi will use any excuse or failed policy to deal with high gas prices instead of actually solving the problem.

Unleashing American energy would give drivers much needed relief.

But Democrats have done everything in their power to try to cripple American oil to advance their Green New Deal energy schemes.

It remains to be seen whether this bill will pass, but it’s clear Pelosi has no intention of solving the problem she helped cause. 

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