Nancy Pelosi helped Biden get away with one jaw-dropping power grab

The Biden administration has made several authoritarian moves.

Democrats across the country are champing at the bit to ram through their political priorities.

And Nancy Pelosi helped Joe Biden get away with one jaw-dropping power grab.

Joe Biden and the Democrats want as many people as possible on the government dole.

They’re paying people to stay home, and lo and behold America is experiencing a severe labor shortage along with high inflation.

With the eviction moratorium ending, Democrats have been fighting to extend it, which has put undue financial stress on property owners who aren’t getting paid.

Biden himself admitted that extending the eviction moratorium was unconstitutional.

But Nancy Pelosi urged Biden to do it anyway, and she referred him to left-wing legal scholar Laurence Tribe.

Punchbowl News reported:

“During one conversation with Pelosi, Biden said his legal advisers were warning him that he couldn’t extend the moratorium due to a June 29 Supreme Court ruling. The high court had let the moratorium stand in a 5-4 decision, but Justice Brett Kavanaugh said the CDC had ‘exceeded its existing statutory authority’ and Congress must act to extend the ban. Biden asked Pelosi if she had any legal experts with a different take. Pelosi provided Biden with several names, including Laurence Tribe, the well-known Harvard Law professor. Tribe also has a long friendship with Klain, himself a Harvard Law grad. Tribe encouraged White House officials to move ahead with the revised moratorium.”

Tribe proved himself to be an unhinged leftist during the Trump era, and he’s still insufferable.

The eviction moratorium issue illustrates the mindset of the Left – flagrantly violate existing law, then hope the courts go your way.

That’s how America has been stuck with DACA even though Barack Obama admitted he didn’t have the authority to do it.

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