Kamala Harris will be infuriated when she finds out what Joe Biden just said about the 2024 election

After nearly 70 days in office, Joe Biden still hasn’t delivered a State of the Union Address or even held a press conference where he takes questions from reporters.

With his declining mental health becoming more apparent by the day, a lot of folks are wondering if Biden is planning to step aside before the end of his term and allow Kamala Harris to become the next President.

But Kamala Harris will be infuriated when she finds out what Joe Biden just said about the 2024 election.

Even though Joe Biden’s handlers are doing their best to keep him out of the public spotlight, his declining mental health is growing more apparent in the past few weeks.

No matter where Biden goes, he always seems disoriented and confused, failing to remember names and forgetting where he’s at during the middle of a speech.

Biden’s cognitive decline has a lot of folks wondering if he’s planning on stepping down before the end of his term and allowing Kamala Harris to become President, especially after he slipped up and referred to her recently as “President Harris.”

But according to several long-time advisers to President Biden, if Harris wants to be President, she may have to wait until 2028 for her chance to run on the Democrat ticket.

According to a recent article in The Hill, not only does Joe Biden plan on finishing his first term, but he’s also planning to run for re-election in 2024.

“I don’t think there’s any reason to say that he won’t,” responded one long-time adviser to Biden when asked if he is planning to run again in 2024.

And another long-time Biden operative agrees that he will run in 2024, saying “we all assume that he is [running], contrary to this sentiment that he’ll be a one-term President because of his own volition.”

Of course, at 78-years-old, Biden is already the oldest President in American history.

And his mental decline has gotten so bad that Democrats in Congress have already asked Joe Biden to give up his ability to unilaterally launch nuclear strikes.

But right now, according to reports from sources close to Biden, he is planning to run for President again in 2024.

And his advisers, along with several Democrat operatives, are fully supportive of his decision to run for re-election, with Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons saying “Biden should definitely be preparing to run again” because “it’s easier to stop the train than start it late, and a lame-duck President won’t get many things passed.”

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