Kamala Harris is sweating bullets after this colossal blunder backfired in a major way

Kamala Harris thought she was on easy street after being picked as Vice President.

Now everything is going wrong for her and the Biden regime.

And she’s sweating bullets after this colossal blunder backfired in a major way.

Kamala Harris has had a disastrous start to her Vice Presidency.

She was put in charge of the Biden border crisis and flopped in that role searching for an alleged “root cause” instead of securing the border.

Her approval ratings have sunk to historic lows for a modern Vice President.

She pulled back from the public spotlight to try to redo her image with a spin team of Hillary Clinton advisors.

Now the supposedly “new and improved” Kamala has reemerged and she stepped in it yet again.

Virginia’s Governor race is the biggest campaign in the country this year.

The race between former Clinton fixer Terry McAuliffe and Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin has been neck-and-neck in the polls.

Sensing the potential for an embarrassing loss in a state Biden carried by ten points, the regime deployed Harris to bolster McAuliffe.

She recorded a video to be played at 300 black churches around Virginia before the election in hopes of boosting McAuliffe.

But this is a clear violation of federal law known as the Johnson Amendment, which forbids tax-exempt churches from explicitly favoring one candidate over another.

George Washington University Constitutional Law Professor Johnathan Turley said the video explicitly violates federal law being played in churches.

The Left has always been eager to attack evangelical churches that cross this line for Republicans.

This is a sign of desperation from the Biden-Harris regime that is working overtime to avoid an embarrassing defeat in Virginia with their agenda hanging on by a thread in Congress.

McAuliffe losing would be a red flag for moderate Democrats about supporting the $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” bill.

Despite the supposedly “new and improved” Kamala, the same old blunders and bad political instincts are there.

With Harris expected to play a major role in the 2022 midterms many vulnerable Democrats will be especially nervous about accepting her help.

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