Joe Biden’s jaw hit the floor when a red state made this surprising move

Joe Biden’s regime is crumbling before our eyes.

Republican states are left to clean up his failures.

And his jaw hit the floor when a red state made this surprising move.

Of the many disasters Joe Biden has inflicted on the country, the border crisis could be the biggest.

After Donald Trump made securing the border his signature issue, Democrats became hell-bent on dismantling border security.

Joe Biden ran on an open borders agenda and promised to dismantle Trump’s wall.

On his first day in office, he signed an executive order halting construction on the border wall.

He then went about trying to do everything he could to throw the border wipe open.

The result was record levels of illegal aliens and drugs flooding the country.

With the Biden regime’s failure to secure the border, Republican states have been forced to step up and do the job he refuses to do.

Texas has been ground-zero for the border crisis, with over 1,200 miles of the state bordering Mexico.

Now, their Republican Governor Greg Abbott stepped up where the Biden regime failed.

After the Biden regime stopped construction on the wall, Texas began construction on its own state-funded border wall.

Texas began construction on the wall in December of 2021.

Now, the Biden regime has inadvertently given Texas an assist in construction of the wall.

After Biden’s executive order stopping construction on the wall, over $250 million worth of building materials for it were simply abandoned.

Unused wall panels were sitting in the desert at sites across the southern border.

Texas turned the table on Joe Biden by getting these unused wall panels for construction on their border wall.

The wall panels were declared surplus property by the federal government, which lets state and local governments apply to receive property that the federal government no longer wants.

Texas applied for the wall panels that were wasting away in storage near San Diego.

The federal government approved Texas’s request and gave the state 1,700 32-foot high wall panels.

A spokesman for the Texas agency in charge of wall construction said the state didn’t disclose to the federal government what the purpose of the panels was.

The panels have been transferred to Texas where they’ll be used to construct 1.3 miles of border wall.

Texas building their wall could be just the beginning of Republican-led states taking action.

Already Republicans in Arizona are discussing launching their own state-funded border wall.

With Joe Biden refusing to enforce the law on the border, Republican states will have to step up to fill the void.

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