Joe Biden turned pale as a ghost after he got this devastating news

The wheels are coming off for Joe Biden.

The bad news keeps piling up.

And now he turned pale as a ghost after he got this devastating news.

Joe Biden ran on a radical “Build Back Better” agenda to remake the American economy into a socialist “utopia” in the wake of the pandemic.

After flooding the economy with debt-financed spending with the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan inflation is soaring.

Energy prices are skyrocketing with no end in sight after he shut down new domestic drilling permits on federal land.

Now he’s gotten more devastating news on his economic agenda.

The jobs report for August by the Labor Department was grim.

Instead of the 720,000 new hires expected, the actual number was 235,000.

The report was so bad that even CNN characterized it as a “big disappointment” and a “big miss”.

This was the weakest jobs report since January.

This is another failure for a regime that’s desperate for any good news it can find.

Biden blamed the disastrous report on the Delta variant.

Of course he didn’t mention he campaigned on shutting down the virus and his heavy-handed government intervention hasn’t made a difference.

This is the latest news that the Biden economic agenda is failing.

Consumer sentiment plunged to its lowest level since 2011 earlier in the month.

Even during the height of the pandemic last year consumer confidence wasn’t this low.

Retail sales have also missed expectations for the past three months.

The stagflation of the Carter era is returning in a major way.

All these troubling reports are turning into a major headache for the regime as its poll numbers continue to sink.

With narrow majorities in Congress, the regime is pressing for a $3.5 trillion budget bill jam-packed with socialist goodies.

Vulnerable Democrats could be nervous about potentially casting a vote for trillions in new inflationary spending while the economy stagnates.

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