Joe Biden Just Used COVID As An Excuse To Make One Shockingly Totalitarian Move

Joe Biden’s presidency has been an utter failure.

His administration has exacerbated one crisis after another.

And Biden just used COVID as an excuse to make one shockingly totalitarian move.

Joe Biden apparently wants to be a dictator.

That’s the only explanation for his COVID vaccine mandate that empowers OSHA to force employers with more than 100 employees to comply.

From The New York Times:

“The proposed rules, which President Biden announced on Thursday, will require workers to be inoculated or face weekly testing and will mandate that the businesses offer employees paid time off to get vaccinated. They are the government’s biggest push yet to draw employers into a campaign to vaccinate the country. Some 80 million workers will be affected. The requirements will be imposed by the Department of Labor and its Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is drafting an emergency temporary standard to carry out the mandate, according to the White House.”

Biden’s crackdown proves that this pandemic is no longer about science.

Studies show that natural immunity is significantly more robust than the vaccine, but all of that is being ignored in a tyrannical push to get everyone vaccinated regardless of their individual health status.

Biden’s use of OSHA is yet another overstep by the administration; coming on the heels of his calling on the CDC to extend eviction moratoriums, which was struck down by the courts.

But perhaps the worst part about Biden’s speech was how he pitted vaccinated Americans against unvaccinated Americans.

Biden said:

“We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us. So, please, do the right thing.”

Back in December, Biden said he would not mandate masks and vaccines, but here he is doing it and demonizing unvaccinated Americans for his false promise.

Biden also blamed his sagging economy on the unvaccinated:

“Because of our vaccination program and the American Rescue Plan, which we passed early in my administration, we’ve had record job creation for a new administration, economic growth unmatched in 40 years. We cannot let unvaccinated do this progress — undo it, turn it back.”

Biden and the Democrats are talking out of both sides of their mouths.

They’re saying the vaccine is effective, but also that the unvaccinated are responsible for surging hospitalizations which doesn’t make sense when the hospitals have not been overrun.

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