Joe Biden is doubling down on Democrats’ environmental extremist agenda with one insane move that will hammer Americans

Photo by Kindel Media via Pexels

Environmental extremists are constantly fear-mongering about climate change.

For them, it’s a mechanism of control.

And Joe Biden is doubling down on Democrats’ environmental extremist agenda with one insane move that will hammer Americans.

President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are on a mission to eliminate gas-powered cars.

That agenda is not playing out as quickly as they want, so Biden is upping the ante with a new EPA regulation that would further hamstring the auto industry.

The radical push for more EVs

The new emissions standard is aimed at increasing the percentage of electric vehicles in the United States from the current number of 7.6% to an eye-popping 56%.

“Three years ago, I set an ambitious target: that half of all new cars and trucks sold in 2030 would be zero-emission,” Biden said in a statement. “Together, we’ve made historic progress. Hundreds of new expanded factories across the country. Hundreds of billions in private investment and thousands of good-paying union jobs. And we’ll meet my goal for 2030 and race forward in the years ahead.”

Democrats are pushing full speed ahead with their environmental extremist agenda even though the market does not exist.

Louisiana Attorney General Elizabeth Murrill explained, “They may wish for us all to drive E.V.s or no cars at all, but at the end of the day that’s not their decision . . . There is a limit to their authority to remake society in their own vision and the court has realized that.”

Market not cooperating

The move from Biden comes after a softer-than-expected EV market in 2023, which was acknowledged by Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

Stephanie Brinley, an analyst for the Auto Intelligence service at S&P Global Mobility, said, “At the end of the day, this is going to be up to consumers . . . They’re being asked to change their patterns of what they drive, what they buy, and how they interact with their vehicles. And you can’t push them faster than they are going to go.”

But Democrats will try.

Consumers are not the only ones who are skeptical of EVs – car manufacturers themselves are as well.

“Realistically speaking, it seems rather difficult to really achieve them,” Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda said in 2022. “[J]ust like the fully autonomous cars that we were all supposed to be driving by now, [battery electric vehicles] are just going to take longer to become mainstream than the media would like us to believe.”

Joe Biden is putting the pedal to the metal with Democrats’ environmental extremist agenda before he potentially gets voted out of office in November.