Joe Biden doesn’t want you to see one report about the Pandemic

The COVID regime isn’t slowing down in taking away people’s medical freedom.

Joe Biden’s unconstitutional mandate is costing Americans their jobs.

But Biden doesn’t want you to see one report about the pandemic.

Democrat politicians and public health officials have engaged in a relentless campaign to push universal vaccination.

Any and all attempts to focus on early treatment have been shot down.

For example, physicians who have had success treating patients with Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine have been marginalized and slandered as quacks.

But a new study shows that there is benefit to treating patients with Ivermectin.

Results from the Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy show,

“We included 88 patients in this study, of whom 39 patients were classified into the Ivermectin group, and 49 patients were classified into the Control group. The hazard ratio for gastrointestinal complications in the Ivermectin group as compared with the Control group was 0.221 (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.057 to 0.855; p = 0.029) in a Cox proportional-hazard regression model. The odds ratio for ventilator-free days as compared with the Control group was 1.920 (95% CI, 1.076 to 3.425; p = 0.027) in a proportional odds logistic regression model.”

So patients in the study who did not receive Ivermectin were far more likely to have gastrointestinal issues and spend more days on a ventilator.

Despite the efforts of the COVID regime to attack any doctors who suggest early treatment methods, there is mounting evidence that repurposed drugs like Ivermectin provide a benefit.

Dr. Harvey Risch from the Yale School of Public Health recommended Hydroxychloroquine as a form of early treatment back in 2020 after reviewing studies that showed efficacy.

Nigeria has a vaccination rate far lower than the United States, but the West African nation administers Hydroxychlorine and Ivermectin regularly to its citizens in order to treat higher incidence of malaria and river blindness, respectively.

The monomaniacal focus on vaccination has meant that other viable forms of treatment have been ignored for no good reason at all.

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