Joe Biden blew a gasket when a Hillary Clinton advisor made this shocking statement

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a bigger disaster than anyone could have predicted.

Democrats are terrified he could destroy the entire party.

And he blew a gasket when a Hillary Clinton advisor made this shocking statement.

Joe Biden’s Presidency is sinking to rock bottom.

Thanks to his disastrous policies, the economy is in shambles, the border is wide open, and crime is running rampant.

His poll numbers have slipped to the 30% approval range and Democrats are panicking.

Congressional Democrats will have to go before voters during the midterm elections and answer for Biden’s blunders.

Democrats are starting to speak out on how Biden can save his sinking ship.

Mark Penn was a senior advisor to both Bill and Hillary Clinton during their Presidential runs.

Appearing on Fox Business, he unloaded on Biden’s failures.

Commenting on Biden’s handling of the Russia-Ukraine conflict he said Biden looked “weak.”

“He’s looking weak as this war drags on. He is not seen as a strong commander, preventing the loss of innocent lives now. But he seems weak, unable to stop a madman going ahead with naked aggression,” Penn said.

This a stunning public statement from someone with close Clinton ties.

Things are going bad for Biden when a Democrat is publicly admitting he’s weak.

Democrats have tried to push a narrative that Biden’s leadership during the war would lead to a rebound in his sagging poll numbers.

But his failed handling of the conflict has put that narrative to bed.

Biden’s approval across multiple polls hasn’t shown any sustained bounce from his handling of the crisis.

Penn then offered his thoughts on what Biden should do to right the ship.

“No, you’re not seeing the reaction to this in a way that I’ve seen when, say, when I worked with President Clinton. If you got numbers this bad, you would say, make a pivot,” Penn remarked. 

“You would look at what’s going on with inflation and energy and you’d repivot energy policies you’d . . . put through the Keystone Pipeline. You would reverse some of these policies and say, ‘Hey, we need to balance between energy independence and climate change.’ Not all in one direction,” he concluded.

Penn helped Bill Clinton pivot to the center after the “Hillarycare” disaster.

But Biden is a puppet for his party’s far-left, making any pivot toward the center unlikely.

Even with record high gas prices, he’s still standing with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by refusing to back off his war against oil and gas.

Biden is joined at the hip with the radical Left.

He’s willing to destroy the country and his Presidency to ram through a radical far-left agenda.

Penn joins a growing chorus of former Clinton officials calling Biden out.

Clinton Treasury Secretary Larry Summers has repeatedly attacked Biden for unleashing inflation through his reckless spending.

With Biden’s problems mounting, criticism coming from Democrats is only going to grow. 

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